Pool Pop-Up, In-Floor Systems

Nobody likes to swim in a dirty pool, but an in-floor system lets your pool clean itself. Operating from the floor of the pool, it consists of an assortment of pop-up heads that rise and spray in sequence to keep your swimming pool in its cleanest shape ever. It automatically cleans your pool and also functions as a high-efficiency circulation system. If you currently have an in-floor pool cleaning system, we recommend that you maintain it faithfully and keep it running. We work with all the manufacturers – A&A Manufacturing, Caretaker, BlueSquare, and Paramount – so we have you covered.

Emerald Pools and Spas has spent over 20 years getting to know everything about swimming pools and the systems that operate them. We know the updated technology that can keep your pool in tip-top shape and ready any time you want to use it. And for extra protection, we can offer the longest warranty to keep your system running at minimal cost to you.

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