In Arizona, sand changing is critical for the proper operation of your pool’s sand filter. Their reputation is already tarnished when it comes to filtering water in micron size. They can only filter out debris sized at up to 30 microns, whereas more efficient diatomaceous earth and traditional cartridges can filter 15 microns and 2 microns respectively.


Although pool filter sand gets better with age, there comes a time to replace it. The pool’s silica sand starts out sharp, enabling it to collect debris as the water travels farther and farther down the system. Hundreds of layers of sand catch debris and sediment as the water continues its downward path. This is how a sand filter cleans the water. Unfortunately, its lifespan is pretty short at only 3 to 5 years. Contaminants build up in the sand, and the sand actually wears out.


Over the years, as water runs through, backwash and chemicals react with the sand, causing the once-sharp edges to break down and “round out.” It becomes extremely difficult for the silica to capture the errant debris and particles that pass through the system. At this point, a sand change becomes necessary.


Emerald Pools and Spas can send professional technicians to change the sand in your pool’s sand filter. During the procedure, we depressurize the system and remove all the sand from the current sand filter. This could be as much as 400 to 800 pounds of sand. If we find any broken laterals at the bottom of the filter, we’ll replace them and then replace the required amount of sand. That doesn’t mean just pouring sand back in. We take proactive measures to prevent the filter from breaking. First, we lubricate all necessary o-rings. We reinstall all pressure-tight fittings and then turn the system on to test it. To be safe, we add a few chemical clarifiers to gather any debris that was missed and escaped back through the system. Finally, we always haul away the old sand in our vehicles; we will never leave it on your property.

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