Pool Tile Cleaning: Effective Bead Blasting

Emerald Pools and Spas cleans your pool tiles using either glass or pool bead blasting. These methods deliver a blast of fine glass beads in a gentle, low-pressure stream that removes calcium deposits. The glass beads are made by forming a ball shape from a lead-free glass that contains no free silica. Glass beads have a more luminous quality that gives pool surfaces a brighter, more brilliant shine. They’re also easy to vacuum and recyclable.

Most importantly, glass and pool bead blasting won’t damage your pool tile. Bead blasting ensures deposits from Pebble Tec, stone, and other surfaces are eliminated to keep your backyard looking pristine and presentable. We recommend glass or pool bead blasting over other chemicals and acids, which take more time and money to see results. Bead blasting does a faster, more thorough job of cleaning pool tile and will maintain your pool’s appeal for years to come!


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