Pool Tile Cleaning: New & Improved Service

Clean pool tiles make all the difference in the aesthetics and comfort of your outdoor sanctuary. Emerald Pools and Spas has moved towards a safer, more effective method to make sure your pool tile is squeaky clean.

Pool Tile Cleaning Alternative to Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting can cause damage to your swimming pool, such as scratching your pool tiles. Instead of bead blasting pool tile, Emerald Pools and Spas is using a new technique for pool tile cleaning and pool maintenance. This new technique prevents damage to your pool finish, preserving your beautiful oasis. It is also extremely effective to remove buildup, grime, and dirt from your pool tiles. Our new and improved pool tile cleaning method is available for pool tiles, Pebble Tec, and stone surfaces.

Pool Tile Cleaning Service In Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ

We serve areas all over the Valley, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, and more. Our professional and experienced team of pool cleaners work to spotlessly clean your pool tiles without causing any damage to your pool. Emerald Pools and Spas guarantees noticeable results every time one of our trained professionals comes and cleans your pool tiles.

Are you unsure whether or not you need pool tile cleaning? Our friendly and helpful staff will answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for answers to all of your pool tile cleaning and pool tile repair questions!

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Tile Cleaning Before & After

Check out a before and after photo of calcium deposit removal using our new pool tile cleaning technique. Perfect for all pool finishes, this is a safe and effective alternative to bead blasting.

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