Pool Automation

Automated Pool Controls

There’s truly an app for everything. Just like you can have a smart home, you can also have a smart pool. Pool automation allows you to control specific features of your outdoor oasis from inside your house, while you’re vacationing out of town, or if you ventured out to the country club to play a round of golf. When away, maybe you forgot to turn off your pool’s LED lights, or maybe you want to increase the temperature of your swimming pool water to take an evening dip upon returning from the golf course. With iAquaLink, tasks like turning off your pool’s lights and adjusting your pool’s temperature can be completed right from the palm of your hand.

IntelliCenter® & IntelliConnect® Pool Automation

Swimming Pool Controls Right from Your Smartphone

Pentair’s IntelliCenter® and IntelliConnect® pool automation allows you to control features of your pool right from your iOS® and Android™ devices, along with Apple Watch®, Amazon Echo®, and Google Home® smart speakers. Emerald Pools and Spas’ team of experts will professionally install either the IntelliCenter® or IntelliConnect® systems in your pool and assist with setting up your devices. IntelliCenter® and IntelliConnect® allow swimming pool owners to control several features, whether near or far from their pools.

IntelliCenter® allows pool owners to:

  • Schedule pool tasks automatically
  • Control spa jets
  • Control pool lighting features
  • Control pool light shows
  • Control water features
  • Control pool temperature

IntelliConnect® allows pool owners to:

  • See the status of their pool’s filtration system
  • Automatically schedule filtration clean-up
  • Control pool temperature
  • Control pool water pumps
  • Control pool sanitizers

Not only does pool automation help you control your pool from a distance, but it is also a cost-effective and energy-saving solution. This cutting-edge technology will make owning a pool hassle-free! Are you interested in finding out whether IntelliCenter® or IntelliConnect® automation system is right for you? Contact us to receive a quote or to get in touch with one of our experienced and professional team members.

The IntelliCenter™ Control System for Pool and Spa

The IntelliConnect™ Control and Monitoring System

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