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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Emerald Pools and Spas over others?

At Emerald Pools and Spas, we have a personal relationship with the client from the time we design the backyard to the time we add water. We are extremely honest and do not believe upselling or adding addendums to contracts. We value transparency and ensure that our clients are aware of and understand every step as it happens.

How long has Emerald Pools and Spas been building swimming pools?

Emerald Pools and Spas has been building custom swimming pools and creating personal backyard living spaces for over 20 years in the great state of Arizona. We are the most trusted custom pool builder in the area, and with our execution and attention to detail, you will not find anyone better.

How do I measure my pool in gallons?

The equation to calculate gallons is as follows:

Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.48

Example 15L x 30W x 4D x 7.48 = 13,464

Who manages my project after signing the contract?

David Fladhammer is the founder of the company and is the the construction manager that oversees the entire construction phase. There is nobody in the industry that is more of a perfectionist than David! He will take care of you with personal attention at every step of the process, from first designs to starting up your newly built, custom swimming pool. Learn more about David here.

How often should I clean my filter?

Well, that is a great question. This is all dependent on where you live. Since we are in Arizona, we have a lot of dirt everywhere! Most other places in the country only have to clean their cartridge and D.E. filters only one time per year. But since we have so much airborne dirt that loves to land in our water and clog everything up, Emerald recommends that they are cleaned once every six months at the maximum. Understanding when to change your cartridges or grids: These are pretty easy to self-diagnose. If the bands are broken down the seam of the cartridge – replace. If the Cartridges do not clean after your attempt to hose them off, like if it seems, there is excessive staining, replace them! For D.E. filters, if the grids are broken, bent, or stained – replace. These tend to last anywhere from 3-5 years.

How often should I change the sand in my sand pool filter?

Did you know the sharpness from the silica sand in your filter is what traps particles and debris from passing through back to your pool? Did you also know that because Arizona has such hard water, our water would naturally turn that sharp sand into a round ball like an oyster does to a grain of sand before it turns it into a pearl? It’s all true! This usually happens at about 4 years of having your filter, which makes the 5-year point a good reference point to get your sand changed out.

How often should I clean my pool?

Pools need to be cleaned every single week of the year. I know it can sometimes be a drag, or your pool may look spotless. But weekly maintenance goes a long way in preventing damage to your surface. We recommend bringing a water sample down to Emerald Pool Supply every week to make sure your chemicals are in line. Although your health is a super high priority, chemical standards are not meant for your health!! They are meant for the swimming pool’s health. Please refer to our weekly pool service page to get a better understanding of what is needed weekly to maintain the health of you and your pool.

How often should I drain my pool?

This seems to be a question that everyone seems to have a different answer to. Well, I am going to give you the five things that can tell you to drain your water and get some new, fresh water in your pool.

  1. Cyanuric Acid, AKA stabilizer, AKA conditioner, the level is about 100ppm in your water. This level will prevent chlorine from doing its correct job.
  2. Calcium level is too high, above 500 ppm in Arizona, will prevent the chemicals from reacting as they should. Arizona is infamous for hard water, and this is the level that tells you the hardness of your water. Like Cyanuric Acid, Calcium does not evaporate from your water supply.
  3. The total Dissolved Solid level is too high. This just means you have a lot of “stuff” in your water that has accumulated over the years. This TDS happens to get higher and higher from a lot of swimmers.
  4. Switching back from a salt pool to a traditional chlorine pool? Draining and filling are strongly recommended because that old salt in your pool will start to crystallize and harden to your nice new PebbleTec.
  5. Do you have a swampy greenish-blackish pool? It is usually more cost effective to just get rid of that water and start fresh. It’s quite amazing how much chemicals cost when trying to get your pool from forest green to clear.

Is maintenance of my pool required in the wintertime?

Unlike most of the rest of the country, Arizona residences do not “winterize” swimming pools. We need to keep them running all year. The reasoning behind this is because we do not get below freezing temperatures too often which cause pools to turn into that “ice skating rink.” So during the winter, we need to make sure we keep our pH levels, Alkalinity levels, and weekly maintenance the same as we would during the summer. This is very crucial in maintaining the surface of your pool healthy and other mechanical parts. Seaklear makes a great winterizing pill that helps with keeping proper algaecides in your water during the winter, which will prevent the growth of algae.

What is the best type of cleaning system for my pool?

When it comes to the best way to clean your pool, we feel strongly that in-floor cleaning systems are the best. The particular one we like the most is Caretaker 99. In-floor cleaning systems, like Caretaker, are designed to clean 99% of your pool. This differs from your normal suction side cleaner because those do not clean benches or steps. Caretaker systems may be more expensive up front but have a LIFETIME warranty on the pop-up heads. Visit www.poolinfloor.com for the best value in in-floor pool parts.

How long will it take to build my pool?

Ultimately, your timeline will depend on the size and amenities associated with your pool. After the details regarding your luxury pool have been finalized, David, your project manager, will provide a specific timeline.

What kind of pool is right for me?

Your backyard is a focal point for your home, our job is to make sure your pool and spa appropriately compliment your lifestyle. Whether you want a pool for exercise or an aquatic escape for entertainment, our team of professionals will help you.

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