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Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but there is a lot of dust and debris circulating through the air in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona.  Unfortunately, a lot of it ends up in your swimming pool. Arizona is one of the worst places in the country when it comes to these particles falling into your swimming pool and clogging your filter. It’s a good thing Emerald Pools and Spas is nearby to keep your pool pristine and safe. One way we do this is with our pool & spa filter cleaning services.

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Your pool filter should be cleaned at least every six months. If you don’t clean your pool or spa filter twice a year, it could damage the many components of your system. Our experienced team is available to professionally clean your pool filter and determine whether we need to install a new filter cartridge. Rest assured that Emerald Pools and Spas chooses cartridges made from the highest quality material available in the pool industry.


Three different types of filters are available for use with in-ground pools: diatomaceous earth (DE), cartridge, and sand. Typically, the size of your pool determines which filter you likely have. If your pool filter needs to be replaced, a good rule of thumb is to choose a filter at least one size larger than you think you need.

Diatomaceous (DE) earth filter

This natural, eco-friendly water polisher can trap debris as small as 5 microns. Made of tiny fossil exoskeletons, the heavy-duty DE creates balanced water flow throughout the filter tank.`

Cartridge filter

This type of filter can handle high-flow rates with optimum hydraulic performance. Corrosion-resistant, it’s long-lasting and provides the clearest water possible.

Sand filter

Unlike the other two filter types, we recommend the sand be changed once every 3 to 5 years, depending on whether the sand has “rounded”.

Pool Cartridge Filter: Clean & Clear® Plus

Keep Your Pool Water Clean

If you want guaranteed clean water, look no further than Pentair’s Clean & Clear® Plus Cartridge Pool Filters. This system is equipped with corrosion-resistant, injection-molded, fiberglass reinforced, polypropylene filter tank for superior strength and reliability. Pentair’s unique cartridge assembly uses four, non-woven, polyester cartridges that keep your pool water clean. The best part? The filters can be removed and rinsed with your garden house, so, no need for backwashing!

  • Features a large filter area for increased dirt capacity
  • Continuous High Flow™ Internal Air Relief*
  • Durable injection-molded tank

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