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When planning your custom swimming pool, you can trust Emerald Pools and Spas to design and construct according to your vision. We differ from other pool construction companies, with personal attention, dynamic ideas, and a commitment to quality that you will not find elsewhere.

Our team of technicians offers innovative pool construction services in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. Creating personal backyard living spaces since 2000, our team of builders are trusted in your area to provide swimming pool remodeling solutions. With our execution and attention to detail leading the industry, you will find nobody better. 

Sleek Custom Pools & Spa Designs

We pride ourselves on building unique swimming pool experiences and have never used the same pool design twice. Our design team is dedicated to offering reliable pool construction solutions and is committed to working with clients to create and assemble their dream pool. Not sure exactly what you want yet? We invite you to check out our photo gallery to see custom pool designs we created for previous customers in Phoenix other areas of Arizona. 

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Pool Builders & Construction Services Near Phoenix, AZ

Emerald Pools and Spas is a fully licensed and bonded contractor. (ROC#152443)

Initial Meeting

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1. Consultation

  • Emerald Pools and Spas:
    • Meets with Client
    • Measures the yard
    • Discusses vision and budget

2. Design

  • 3D rendering and visualization for the backyard is made.
    • Design is updated as needed for client approval.

3. Proposal/Contract

  • Draft construction contract following client approval.
    • All work will be reflected in the contract.

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1. Material Selection

  • Client meets our team of pool builders at the office to select materials for their dream backyard:
    • Pebble Sheen or Pebble Brilliance Color
    • Travertine, marble, or limestone selection
    • Waterline tile selection
    • Pergola Alumawood color
    • Stacked stone (ledgestone)
    • Water feature materials:
      • Copper
      • Stainless steel
      • Powder-coated
      • Rockwork

2. Computer-Aided Design Mock-ups

  • Emerald creates professional site and construction plans.

3. A&A Engineered Infloor Design

  • Emerald partners with Pentair – A&A Manufacturing to create engineered plans using in-pool pop-up heads for high-performance cleaning.

4. Structural Engineering

  • Emerald partners with third party engineers to follow industry-best 45 psf standards during rebar and shotcrete pool structuring.
  • Special Engineering, required for non-standard pools and pool removals, ensures a long lifespan for:
    • Lap pools
    • Lazy river pools
    • Pools over 50 ft. long

5. Permit Submittal

  • Emerald submits all permits directly to the client’s municipality.
  • Emerald does not use third party permit submittal companies, in order to:
    • Begin pool construction sooner
    • Stay involved throughout the entire process

Construction Prep

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1. Blue Stake Layout

  • Blue Stake layout, a service provided by the State of Arizona, marks underground utilities coming into the property before digging:
    • Water lines
    • Electrical lines
    • Gas lines
    • Cable or phone lines
  • Please note: Blue Stake DOES NOT mark out any sewer or septic lines.

2. Pre-Grade (if applicaple)

  • More in-state areas are requiring pre-grading, which involves:
    • Preparation of pool and decking area
    • Removal of grass and landscaping
      • Did you know: grass cannot be dumped at the same site as the fill dirt?

3. Layout

  • Our pool builders will utilize spray paint to mark the location of the new tool.


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1. Excavation

  • Elevation forms are set to achieve the proper pool height.
  • The swimming pool area is dug up and the dirt is hauled away.

Plumbing and Wiring

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1. Plumbing

  • Underground pool plumbing is placed in.
    • Did you know: the average swimming pool can take up to almost a mile of pool pipes?

2. Gas Plumbing

  • Underground plumbing is connected to all backyard gas appliances:
    • Pool heater
    • Firepit
    • BBQ island
  • Please note: gas requires a separate permit and inspection from the main pool process.

3. Rebar (Upgraded the Emerald Way)

  • Rebar
    • Is the skeleton of your pool
    • holds all the shotcrete together for years
  • Other builders say they have thicker or more rebar but… that’s all sales gimmicks. Our proof is in the pudding!

4. Electrical

  • All electrical wiring is:
    • Run underground
    • Up to code
    • Professionally bonded
  • Emerald uses nicheless lights that are:
    • 1.5” wide
    • Energy-efficient
    • Beautiful

5. First Inspection

  • The municipal inspector comes out to oversee the dig, plumbing, electrical, and rebar and ensure the pool is ready for shotcrete.

Framework Installation

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1. Shotcrete Installation

  • Emerald installs only 4000 psi shotcrete to give clients the best of the best.

2. Shotcrete Cleaning and Grading

  • Emerald’s clean-up crew will:
    • Grade backyard and bury trenches
    • Haul away old or excess concrete
    • Prep the backyard for decking and tiling

3. Waterline Tiling

  • Waterline tile is meticulously applied to pools.
  • Emerald laser-levels and sets forms across the entire pool so that the waterline tile is perfectly straight.

4. Masonry, Hardscape, & Decking

  • Masonry
    • The art of masonry includes the blockwork for:
      • CMU walls and piers
      • BBQ islands
      • Firepits
      • Retention walls
      • Equipment walls
      • Rebuild access walls
  • Hardscaping/Decking
    • Emerald installs pool or spa area finishing for proper drainage using:
      • Travertine, marble, or limestone decking
      • Stacked stone finishing on masonry

5. Pergola and Structure Installation

  • Posts are set, leveled, and strung out for solid and slatted-top pergolas.
    • Pergolas require:
      • Footers for structural integrity
      • Electrical finishing for string and bistro lights

6. Interior Clean-up

  • All construction debris is cleaned
  • Interior pebble finishing is prepped:
    • Every inch of the shotcrete interior is scraped so the pebble adheres.

7. Fencing and Barrier Codes

  • Pool fences are:
    • Required by many Arizona municipalities
    • Manufactured in different ways
      • Self-latching gates
      • Self-closing doors
      • Door alarms
    • Encouraged by Emerald Pools for child safety—regardless of city codes

8. Infloor Collar Installation

  • Emerald completes an in-person pool check before beginning interior finishing.
  • Infloors collars are properly cut and set to ensure optimal cleaning for the Pentair – A&A Manufacturing infloor system.

9. Final Inspection

  • Municipal inspectors verify all work is done to code and ready for interior pool finishing.

Interior Finishing

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1.Interior Finish and Pebble Sheen Installation

  • Pebble Sheen or Pebble Brilliance is applied to the pool
  • Pool sits overnight to cure

2. Interior Finish Polish and Acid Wash

  • The day after the pebble installation, the pebble crew:
    • Polishes the pool
    • Performs an acid wash and a slurry removal
    • Fills pool with water

3. Professional Pool Start-up and Pool School

  • Emerald performs a professional start-up to:
    • Start and program all new TradeGrade Pentair equipment
    • Connect equipment to wifi and your smartphone
    • Pull plugs, empty baskets, and adjust water chemistry
    • Brush, net, and clean all debris in water
    • Demonstrate pool equipment usage and maintenance

Swimming pool in backyard


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1. Landscaping Installation

  • Emerald works with qualified landscapers to finalize any backyard paradise.
    • Landscaping is only done after the pool is filled.

2. Final Follow Up

  • Emerald follows up on any remaining items that need completion.

3. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for building a pool with Emerald Pools and Spas. We hope the new backyard that you have entrusted our company to build provides an outdoor experience you can enjoy for years to come.


At Emerald Pools and Spas, you receive personal attention from all team members, including Founder and Construction Manager, David Fladhammer, throughout every step of the process. We make certain that clients are up-to-date with every step to ensure that your vision is being executed according to the plan.

David will take care of you from first designs to starting up your newly built, custom swimming pool. Our commitment to you is quality and care as we create your ideal pool.

*Actual 3D renderings of Emerald customers. 

The first steps of the new construction process include creating a complete 3D design of your future backyard paradise.
Once a direction is agreed upon, we begin the construction process with only the best materials the industry has to offer. We never use knock off or off-brand products.
To create your custom pool exactly as designed, we always use the highest grade equipment with cutting-edge technology and also provide the industry’s longest warranty.
Brand new swimming pool with desert background


Our goal at Emerald Pools and Spas is to create your dream swimming pool, maintaining only the highest standards at all times. From custom 3D designs to top-of-the-line materials, you can always expect on-time execution, quality workmanship, and excellent service throughout every step of the process. Alongside Construction Manager, David Fladhammer and our skilled design team, you’ll select the premium materials and finishes for your luxurious outdoor swimming pool. Emerald Pools and Spas exceeds expectations by providing exceptional customer service, ensuring you will enjoy your custom pool for years to come. Still have a few questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us with any questions you may have!


When we design and build your custom pool, quality is always a priority. To prove our dedication, we use Ultimate brand swimming pools, the industry leader in luxury swimming pools. These pools are constructed using only the most advanced techniques and the highest quality materials. As you enjoy your pool for many years to come, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Ultimate brand pools also carry a full warranty. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction as we turn your dream backyard into reality.

When working on pool surfaces, we use PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, Tile Surface, or Finest Finish Plaster. We prefer the only pebble surface on the market with the longest warranty, Pebble Technology, due to its superior quality every time. PebbleTec and PebbleSheen offer a natural, polished look that perfects your swimming pool. We are also an Elite Builder of PebbleTec. Cheaper, aftermarket surfaces might keep costs down at first, but they’ll diminish your overall design and cost you equity later. As an integral part of your pool’s appearance, surfacing with Pebble Technology creates a flawless and complete look that will last for any swimming pool or backyard design.

PebbleTec pool surfaces logo
PebbleSheen pool finishes logo


Pool maintenance is not only what keeps it in pristine shape and you enjoying your pool, but can also be up to a quarter of the total cost of your pool. To ensure that everything is running smoothly and like new, we always recommend using the best equipment to maintain your pool. We understand the importance of pool maintenance, which is why we proudly use A&A Manufacturing equipment. To ease your mind and keep you worry-free, they offer unbeatable warranties on their cutting-edge technology and equipment. Emerald Pools and Spas offers nothing but the best, and A&A Manufacturing is integral to our swimming pool installations.

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