How Can I Tell If My Pool Filter Needs Repair Or Replacement?

How Often To Change Pool Filter

Well, the first thing to consider is, when was the last time your pool filter was cleaned or serviced? This should be done every 6 months on all cartridge and DE filters. Schedule this service with a professional swimming pool company that offers pool filter cleaning services in your area.

Cracking Pool Filters

We all know that Arizona is home to some of the hottest temperatures in the United States. With that said, most pool filters are constructed of fiberglass shells that can withstand pressure readings of 50psi. Our dry heat and sun-beaten summers slowly break down fiberglass. Therefore, they are a large tank just waiting to split open and spray water everywhere.

We replace close to 20 tanks per year from cracking. The change from the extremely hot to the abnormally cold winter we experience once every 5 years commonly causes stretching and cracking in these filters.

Consider these questions while deciding whether to repair or replace your filter:

  • How old are my cartridges, grids, or sand?
  • When was the last time they were replaced?
  • What does the quality of my water look like?
  • How efficient is my pool pump with my current filter?
  • Should I replace the entire thing?

The decision most homeowners make is to replace the whole pool filter. Like any piece of equipment out there, technology changes quickly. The technology-driven pool filters today surpass anything built in the past. They are now becoming NSF Certified with warranties that manufacturers can proudly stand by.

Does it matter what kind of pool filter I get?

Yes, it does! There are 3 different types of pool filters for your swimming pool:

  • Diatomaceous earth – 1 to 3 micron filtration
  • Cartridge filters – 15 micron filtration
  • Sand – 30 micro filtration


pool-filter-repair Cartridge-Pool-Filter Sand-Filter-emerald-pools-and-spas
D.E. Filter Cartridge Filter Sand Filter

Replace your Pool Filter

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