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A Complete Guide On Swimming Pool Filters

Who doesn’t love a dip in a swimming pool? If it’s clean, of course. A dirty swimming pool is a nuisance at best and a health hazard at worst. That’s why swimming pool filters are so important. However, filters need to be properly cleaned and maintained in order for them to continue working effectively. Read on to see how this

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Pool Filter Repair and Replacement

How Can I Tell If My Pool Filter Needs Repair Or Replacement? How Often To Change Pool Filter Well, the first thing to consider is, when was the last time your pool filter was cleaned or serviced? This should be done every 6 months on all cartridge and DE filters. Schedule this service with a professional swimming pool company that offers

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Caring for Your Sand Pool Filter

Sand Pool Filter: How to Take Care of it? Pros of Having Sand Filter When you first start looking at swimming pools, one of the first questions you will have to answer is whether you want a sand pool filter, a cartridge filter, or an earth filter. Each of these different filters has its pros and cons, so you should learn as much

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