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Is an Automatic Pool Cover Worth It?

Wondering if retractable or an automatic pool cover is worth the investment for your family’s pool? Sink into this easy list of standard pool covers to help you decide! The Pros and Cons of Different Pool Covers Standard Pool Cover Pros A standard pool cover is usually just a tarp or bubble cover to block exposure to debris and trap

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Is a Pool Heater Worth It?

Is a Pool Heater Worth It? It feels amazing to cool off with a dip in the pool. That is until you take a step in, and it’s freezing. Luckily, there’s a bunch of ways to create your own heated swimming pool. You can use a solar cover to absorb the sun’s rays and trap the rising heat. If you

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All About Algae or Green Pool Cleaning

Here’s how you can clean and keep your pool swim-ready Why Your Pool is Green and Cloudy We know you’re dying to make a splash as soon as the winter season’s over! But is your pool ready too? If you’ve pulled back the tarp and noticed it’s gone green: you’re not alone. This usually occurs because algae have rapidly grown

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Benefits of Pebble Tec® vs Plaster for Your Swimming Pool

Pros and Cons of Pool Plaster and Pebble Tec® Pool Surfacing Your kids’ begging has finally paid off, and now, you’re getting a pool. However, if this pool’s going in your backyard, you want to make sure that it’s going to look good too. We get that. Your pool’s surface plays a huge role in the impression you want to

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A Complete Guide On Swimming Pool Filters

Who doesn’t love a dip in a swimming pool? If it’s clean, of course. A dirty swimming pool is a nuisance at best and a health hazard at worst. That’s why swimming pool filters are so important. However, filters need to be properly cleaned and maintained in order for them to continue working effectively. Read on to see how this

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Top 8 DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to Take Care of a Pool With Simple Cleaning Substitutes Below is our list of handy DIY pool cleaning tips to keep your pool sparkling. Sanitize With Liquid Chlorine “Bleach” Using bleach for sanitizing purposes seems like one of our more obvious DIY pool cleaning tips, but it’s great for getting out grout stains and pool shocking: just carefully

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Pool Resurfacing Process

Pool Resurfacing: Step-by-Step If your pool has increasingly-difficult-to-remove stains, never-ending leaks, and rough surface texture: call the expert team at Emerald Pools and Spas to begin the process of resurfacing your pool. The need for pool resurfacing generally crops up every 5 to 15 years, but it really just means that the material used to construct your inground pool is

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Pool Inspection Service

Welcome, New Pool and Home-Owner! It’s important to know: when buying a new home with a pool, not all inspectors are made alike. This is because home inspectors don’t necessarily have the pool certifications to recognize all the different kinds of problems your pool, spa, or outdoor water features could face. Without the knowledge and ability to conduct a thorough

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