Top 8 DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to Take Care of a Pool With Simple Cleaning Substitutes

Below is our list of handy DIY pool cleaning tips to keep your pool sparkling.

Sanitize With Liquid Chlorine “Bleach”

Using bleach for sanitizing purposes seems like one of our more obvious DIY pool cleaning tips, but it’s great for getting out grout stains and pool shocking: just carefully pour an unscented gallon of 5.25% bleach into your (10,000 gal) pool until it reaches 3 pppm.

Raise Ph Level With Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

One of the most inexpensive DIY pool cleaning tips involves baking soda. You can mix it with water to clean pool tile, grout, concrete, or stone. It also can raise your pool’s alkalinity and pH level by pouring 1.5 lbs for every 10,000 gal of pool water to increase the pH level by 10 ppm.

Lower pH Level With Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid can accomplish your pool care needs as an acid wash cleanser for concrete and gunite, but it can also lower the water’s alkalinity by 10 ppm depending on the concentration and pool size. Be sure to wear acid-resistant gloves and boots, eye protection, and clothing that covers your skin.

Remove Metal Stains With Vitamin C

Our DIY pool cleaning tips also include some products that may seem strange initially! However, crushed vitamin C tablets are excellent for removing stains and rust on your pool wall and fixtures because it’s an ascorbic acid.

Remove Scaling With Vinegar or Citric Acid

Chalky pool wall stains—or calcium scaling—comes from high levels of pH or calcium hardness in your pool water. You can use a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water to treat the stains with a sponge or citric acid on a brush for even tougher ones.

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How to Maintain a Pool Easily

Clean the Pump Filter

Clean the pump filter by clearing out the hair/lint catcher. Then, turn off the pump system, close the skimmer valve, unscrew the trap cover, and remove the basket to dump out its contents in the trash.

Vacuum Pool Bottom

Vacuum your pool in slow, parallel lines to remove debris at its bottom. Your hose will float if it has a hole or the filter is full.

Skim Pool Surface

Complete your swimming pool cleaning using a skimmer for leaves and other debris floating on the surface.


Why You Need Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Taking care of pool issues yourself is a great way to save money and gain a better understanding of its inner workings. Regardless, even if you follow all these DIY pool maintenance tips, you’ll still need professional help to deal with difficult mechanical failures, system breakdowns, chemical balancing, and deep cleaning needs.

Emerald Pools and Spas Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Maintenance and pool cleaning service from Emerald Pools and Spas will keep your pool looking pristine all year long in sunny Arizona. Our weekly professional service plan includes:

  • Full chemical checklist
  • Pool brushing
  • Netting
  • Water Chemistry Leveling
  • Basket Emptying
  • Pool Vacuuming

As industry leaders, you can also count on us for expert repair jobs, acid washing, pool tile cleaning, and much more. Contact us today to experience our complete, premium pool care. We are a Modern Luxury Pool builder in Arizona.

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