When Is Pool Acid Washing Necessary?

Should You Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool?

Pool stains and algae build-up can cause your pool’s surface to look grimy and your pool water to look dirty. Not only will you not want to dive into your oasis, but you also won’t want to lounge on your pool chaise and look at the filthy water and tiles. Does your pool look like this?

dark pool water before acid washing

And do you wish it looked like this?

clean pool water after acid washing

If so, then acid washing may be necessary for your pool.

How Pool Acid Washing Works

Pool acid washing is a process where chemicals—mainly hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid—are combined with water and are sprayed onto your pool’s surface to remove any grime and build-up. A professional pool cleaner will then use a brush to scrub out the staining and other grime. The chemical wash allows for easier removal of algae and staining that has been built upon your pool’s surface.

What Type of Algae and Stains Will Acid Washing Remove?

Whether you have a plaster pool or a Pebble Tec® pool, different types of algae and staining will occur and cause your outdoor oasis to look dirty.

Magnesium Stains

Depending on the type of water you fill your pool with, magnesium may be present. Too much magnesium in your pool can cause discoloration such as pink, red, and even black. Magnesium stains can be removed through pool acid washing.

Copper Stains

Similar to magnesium stains, copper stains also occur when your pool’s source water comes from well water—typically high in all minerals. Copper stains create blue, green, and black staining in your pool, however, can be removed through pool acid washing.

Hard Water

Hard water stains, also known as scum, are created from calcium deposits. These deposits can often be found along the edge of your pool where the tile meets the water. Hard water stains lead to cloudy water and a lower (and unsafe) water pH level. Hard water stains can also be removed through pool acid washing. 

Algae Growth

Algae growth is the most common type of staining that pool owners look to get removed through pool acid washing. Lack of pool cleaning, improper pool pH balance, and low pool circulation are all causes of algae growth. The algae growth can cause health issues along with clogged pool filters. Pool acid washing can help remove algae growth and prevent any further damage from occurring to you or your oasis.

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Why Do You Need a Pool Maintenance Professional for Acid Washing? 

How Often To Acid Wash Your Pool 

If you regularly clean your pool and keep it in good shape, chances are you will only need to acid wash your swimming pool every 5-7 years. Because acid washing uses harsh chemicals, it is not recommended to get your pool acid washed more frequently than that, as the harsh chemical used can damage your pool’s surface.

Is Acid Washing Safe?

As mentioned above, pool acid washing requires the use of harsh chemicals. If you’re not a professional pool cleaner, it can be easy to get hurt from the harsh chemicals needed to successfully clean your pool. If you’re looking to get your pool acid washed, then hiring a professional is ideal not just for your health and safety, but also for the safety of your pool. Pool acid washing, when not done correctly, can cause:

  • Chemical burns on the skin if protective gear is not worn
  • Lung damage if the chemicals are breathed into the body
  • Discoloration on your pool’s surface
  • Damage on your pool’s surface

Since pool washing only needs to be done once every 5-7 years, it’s best to consult with a professional pool cleaner to get the job done right the first time—without creating any damage.

Emerald Pools and Spas Is Here to Help!

Emerald Pools and Spas will help with your pool acid washing, tile cleaning, and pool maintenance needs. Our team of trained pool professionals will acid wash your pool and ensure that it is free from any algae or scum so you can continue enjoying and swimming in your pristine outdoor oasis.

At Emerald Pools and Spas, safety is our top priority. Our team of professionals uses the highest quality pool equipment and follows all safety precautions to ensure safety throughout the entire acid washing process. We guarantee that you will love your newly cleaned and sparkling pool!

Are you interested in having your pool acid washed? Use our online form to request Pool Acid Washing with Emerald Pools and Spas today!


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