Pool Cleaners


Top 10 Pool Care Tips

Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean Owning a pool comes in handy with the Phoenix dryness and heat—you can practice your freestyle stroke, take a dip after a workout, or host a family pool party. However, the more you use it, the more pool cares you’ll need to keep it crystal clear and pristine instead of murky and green. Check

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Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

So you’re thinking of installing a pool. You have the space. You love the idea of resting by a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot summer evening. Why not? Best of all, you’re thinking of the bigger picture, asking the necessary question: will a pool add value to my home? Many homeowners consider upscaling their home’s amenities by installing

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are many different types of pool cleaners available now. It seems that technology is taking over this market within the swimming pool industry and it is revolutionizing the ways we maintain our pools. Automatic Pool Cleaners are the result of innovation in the industry. As a result, cutting-edge technologies are being implemented in more advanced and higher-line cleaners. The

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8 Common Pool Water Problems in Home Pools

How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water & More Common Issues For many homeowners, having a pool is a great convenience and fun addition to their property. It can be central to a fitness routine, outdoor socializing and family fun time. However, a great number of homeowners are concerned about pool water problems and worry about diagnosing any issues which may

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