Smart Pool Technology

It seems like everything in the world is “smart” nowadays. From smartphones and smart televisions to smart homes and smart whiteboards, our everyday gadgets are arguably smarter than us, and it only makes sense that smart pools would come into the world, as well. Smart pools make your oasis tech-savvy through different automation devices that include smartphone compatibility, making your

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Swimming Pool Automation

Simplify Your Life with Pool Automation Do you ever think to yourself that you are tired of walking over to your pool equipment late at night, turn valves, turn the heater on, turn the lights on and then hope you did everything correctly? Oh and then do it again to turn everything off when you are done using the pool?

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Pool Control System in Your Smartphone

Did you know that it’s possible to actually control your pool without even being there? A special smartphone pool control system for your pool is the key to making it happen. iAquaLink is designed to work with almost any smart phone on the market, and it can be installed into just about any pool spa or in-ground pool that’s currently

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