Pool Control System in Your Smartphone

Did you know that it’s possible to actually control your pool without even being there? A special smartphone pool control system for your pool is the key to making it happen. iAquaLink is designed to work with almost any smart phone on the market, and it can be installed into just about any pool spa or in-ground pool that’s currently on the market.

The point of the system is to enable you to control almost all of the equipment settings for your pool over your smartphone, thus turning it into an innovative device that puts control over your pool right in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is have the system installed on your pool and the app installed on your smartphone.

How To Control Your Swimming Pool with Your Smart Phone?

Here are some of the main features of iAquaLink:

  • Monitor and control pumps
  • Turn pool and spa lights on and off
  • Check or change the temperature settings
  • Monitor solar heating systems
  • Check on major water features like water jets or waterfalls
  • Control lights for landscaping located around the pool
  • Control irrigation systems located outside the pool
  • Multiple pools at multiple locations are supported with the same app

Ask Pool Professionals

It is important to realize those pool owners who want to install iAquaLink should not take the project on all by themselves. The installation is quite complicated, so you should have a professional take care of it for you. This is because the system actually involves working closely with electrical systems that have very high currents and high voltages.

If a mistake is made or if you do not know exactly what you are doing, you could be injured or even killed while trying to install the system. Technicians handle these types of situations all the time, and they understand how pool automation systems work. All of this work needs to be handled by a licensed electrician or pool professional who is knowledgeable enough and equipped properly to do a job like this.

iAquaLink is a great addition to any pool remodel, so if you are interested in getting it, consider working it into your overall plan. In the Southwest, being able to control your pool using your smartphone is simply invaluable because the swimming season is so long. Pools must be tended all year round, even during those few months when you aren’t using them, so having an automated pool system like this one makes owning a pool a lot easier. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on caring for your pool during the off-season when you aren’t actually using it.

If it seems like someone has come up with ideas for everything these days, you may be right. The world of pools will never be the same again once everyone has complete control over their pools, even when they aren’t there!

Let the experts at Emerald Pool and Spa help you get set up with iAquaLink on your smart phone so that you can start controlling your pool today. They are certified to install this system and will make sure it gets done properly and efficiently. Emerald Pool and Spa can also help you with all of your other pool remodeling plans, from designing the pool you want to actually do the work to create the look that you desire.

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