Is an Automatic Pool Cover Worth It?

Wondering if retractable or an automatic pool cover is worth the investment for your family’s pool? Sink into this easy list of standard pool covers to help you decide!

The Pros and Cons of Different Pool Covers

Standard Pool Cover

A standard pool cover is usually just a tarp or bubble cover to block exposure to debris and trap sunlight UV. This is used most heavily during the winter months. Because of this, they usually only go for $75 to $225. Basically a steal when you compare it to the other types of pool covers!

Although standard pool covers do keep out debris, they’re only really meant to get the light stuff. That means you’ll need a pump to keep heavy snow or rainfall from collecting on, caving in on, and damaging the tarp. Since they’re flimsier, standard pool covers only last between one and three seasons. After that, you have to go out and get another one.

Security Pool Cover

Favored amongst inground pool owners, security pool covers appear as if they’re the surface of a trampoline when the spring straps are connected and securely pulled into the concrete pool base. The mesh version tends to be more popular because it doesn’t require a pump to drain the water on top. It just passes straight through! It even lasts as long as 10 to 15 years.

Meanwhile, a vinyl security cover keeps anything from leaves and sticks to water out of your swimming pool. It can last you a pretty lengthy amount of time too: an estimated six to 10 years.

However, security pool covers aren’t without their flaws. For example, mesh security covers don’t keep water out. When you pull back the cover after a long off-season, you’ll definitely have a few days of pool cleaning on your hands. And while a solid vinyl cover seals out water, it requires a pump to do so. This means you’ll spend more on operations and maintenance. No matter which one you get, the purchase of a security pool cover should run between $1,200 to $3,000.

Automatic/Retractable Pool Cover

Many homeowners have thought about getting an automatic or retractable pool cover because it’s the best at protecting your pool from debris, pests, and any other unwanted swimmers. Auto pool covers also make great pool heaters by absorbing the sunlight and limiting evaporation. That’s less time spent cleaning and less money spent on reheating your pool so the kids can jump in sooner! This level of temperature control is optimal for Arizona’s hot-to-cold desert environment.

All these perks do come at a price. An automatic pool costs anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the manufacturer. Because of all the moving parts, including a pump for snow,/rain, you can expect to begin replacing its different components or the entire cover after about three to five years.

So which is the best? Our advice is to follow your gut. After all, whether it’s an inexpensive standard tarp, a reliable inground pool security cover, or a premium auto pool cover: you know what suits your family better than anyone!

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