All About Algae or Green Pool Cleaning

Here’s how you can clean and keep your pool swim-ready

Why Your Pool is Green and Cloudy

We know you’re dying to make a splash as soon as the winter season’s over!

But is your pool ready too?

If you’ve pulled back the tarp and noticed it’s gone green: you’re not alone.

This usually occurs because algae have rapidly grown in your pool. This can be brought on by a pH imbalance, broken filter, or weather change. A pool that’s too acidic (low pH) eats away at pool equipment and irritates your eyes, while one that’s too basic breeds organic bacteria and irritates your skin. A clogged or faulty pool filter allows bacteria to multiply and discolor your water. Algae in particular love moist weather conditions.

To prevent getting sick from bad bacteria like E. coli, we’ll show you how to perform green pool cleaning like a pro!

How Do You Clean a Green Swimming Pool?

Know the facts: if your pool turns into a slimy green mess, you may not have to drain and acid wash it unless it’s practically black. If it’s still somewhat transparent, you should be able to chemically treat it so it returns to a normal pool pH balance of around 7.5.




The Steps on How to Clean a Green Pool

Follow these steps for effective and efficient green pool cleaning. You’ll see your sparkling reflection in the water again in no time!

Debris Removal

To begin your green pool cleaning: set your filter valve to the waste setting, then vacuum the visible pieces of algae, sediment, and other debris out of your pool bottom so bad bacteria don’t return. Follow it up with pool tile cleaning/scrubbing so you can remove those tough, stuck-on bits.

pH Balance

Test the pH balance of your pool using a liquid kit or test strips. Whether it’s the first or second step of your green pool cleaning process—pay attention to the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine or sanitizer levels.

Pool Shocking

Eliminate algae by using a pool shock that’s made up of 70% available chlorine. We suggest doing this step two or even three times depending on how murky the pool is. If it’s very dark, you can try going four times, but you may be better off just draining and acid washing your pool.

Filter and Pump

After you’ve completed your final shock treatment: turn on your filter and leave it on until your pool is no longer green and cloudy. This could take up to five days. If you use a pool clarifier to get it done sooner, ensure the filter still runs for at least 24 hours and that the shock solution completely dissolves.

Continued Maintenance

To prevent another round of green pool cleaning, test your pool water at least once a week. If the sanitizer levels read low, add your chlorine or preferred chemical cleaner right away so algae don’t have time to grow. You can always add algaecide during maintenance as an extra level of protection.

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