Sand Pool Filter: How to Take Care of it? Pros of Having Sand Filter

When you first start looking at swimming pools, one of the first questions you will have to answer is whether you want a sand pool filtera cartridge filter, or an earth filter. Each of these different filters has its pros and cons, so you should learn as much as you can about each kind before making a purchase.

One of the reasons so many people opt for a sand filter in their swimming pool is that it is an economical choice. Each filter can last up to a month before it has to be backwashed, and the sand usually just has to be changed about once every seven years. In order to understand what you are getting yourself into, it helps to have an idea of what maintenance looks like on the different kinds of filters. Here’s what to expect if you go with a sand pool filter:

Backwash the Sand Filter

You will have to backwash the filter about once a month or more often if your pool is in frequent use. To backwash the filter, you just flip the pump off and turn the valve to the backwash setting before flipping it back on. Let it run for a few minutes and then turn the pump off again and reset the valve to the correct position for rinse. Turn the pump back on and let it rinse for about 15 seconds after a complete prime on the pump. Then turn the pump off again and reset it to filter and turn it back on.

Frequency of Backwash the Filter

Be careful not to backwash the filter too often because it will filter better when it’s a little dirty. A good rule of thumb is to backwash every time the gauge shows that it’s about 10 pounds higher than it is right after you backwash and then rise the filter.

Change the Sand Filter

About every seven years, you should change the sand in the filter. If you’re not using chlorine, you should do it more often, about every three to five years. Chemical cleaning of the sand should take place about once a year usually or twice a year if you use a biguanide sanitizer.

Standard Sand Filter

When you do change the sand, make sure that you purchase sand that is specifically formulated to work in a sand pool filter. All pool supply stores should carry it.

Chemicals Balancing

Don’t forget to keep the chemicals balanced in your pool. No matter which kind of filter you have, you will still be required to check the pH levels and other chemical levels and keep them in check. There is no getting around this.

Re-invent Your Pool

Another reason so many people choose a sand filter over cartridge or earth filters is that it requires the least amount of maintenance. Cartridge filters need to be changed quite often, and earth filters require a lot of maintenance just to keep them up and running in good shape. Some pool owners who have a sand filter choose to use biguanide sanitizer, but this tends to stop the filter, which is why those who use this chemical need to change the sand more often.

do you need chemicals with a sand pool filter

Properly maintaining your sand pool filter is the key to extending its life and preventing the need to change the unit out early. It is always best to hire a professional pool service to help keep everything in your pool working properly. They will help by balancing your chemicals and making sure that everything stays in peak operating condition. The experts at Emerald Pool and Spa will take care of all your sand pool filter needs and keep your chemicals perfectly balanced.

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