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A pool pump is crucial to the efficient operation of your swimming pool. Without it, your pool water cannot circulate to stay clean, clear, and safe. Emerald provides pool pump repair and new pump installation for all types of pumps: standard single-speed pumps that operate on full horsepower when turned on; dual-speed (low-speed or high-speed operation) pumps; and variable-speed (multi-speed) pool pumps, which let you control the speed.

pentair pool pump IntelliFloXF VSF variable pump best seller with 8 programmable speeds and flow settings


If you think it’s time to replace your pool’s current pump, can we make a suggestion? Choose a variable-speed pool pump – something we know quite well. We were twice voted APS Variable Speed Pool Pump Installer of the Month. Because variable-speed pumps consume less power and cut down on energy use (up to 83 percent annually), you save money. You don’t need to run them at full power to keep your pool’s water clean, so when you’re filtering the water, for example, you can operate it at a slower speed than you would when you run a fountain or other water feature. It actually performs the filtering task more effectively at a lower speed – even though it may need to operate longer.  

While the initial cost of installing a variable-speed pump is greater than a standard pump, you’ll make up for it in terms of energy savings – most likely in less than two years. Another plus? Variable-speed pumps integrate with your iPhone or Android phone.

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If you’re not ready to replace your pool pump, Emerald Pools and Spas will service and repair your existing pump. We can check for water and air leaks, handle priming issues, repair a motor failure, diminish motor loudness, and fix programming issues with variable-speed pumps.


In 2021, if your pool pump fails and needs to be replaced, a new federal regulation requires you to install a variable-speed model. This mandatory law, known as “Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps,” states that all residential and commercial self-priming filtration pumps rated between 0.711 and 2.5 hydraulic horsepower must meet an established performance standard.

Variable Speed and Flow Pool Pump: IntelliFloXF® VSF

The Best Selling Variable Pump in the World

The IntelliFloXF® VSF pump provides increased efficiency, savings, and performance with its precise flow control. The pump features an innovative design that enables a consistent flow rate, no matter the conditions. The IntelliFloXF® VSF helps to ensure your other pool equipment is able to operate as it should.

  • Precise flow control for efficiency and performance
  • ENERGY STAR® certified — savings up to 90%*
  • WEF 6.1 THP 3.95

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