How Long Do Pool Pumps Last?

The pool pump is the core piece of equipment for the entire swimming pool. It provides the power to circulate the water and run the filtration system. Without a pump, the swimming pool is useless. On average, a pool pump lasts about eight years before it needs to be replaced.

IntelliFlo pentair variable speed pool pump

Signs of a Failing Pool Pump

There are several symptoms that signal that your pool pump is failing and may need to be replaced. If the pump is not moving water like it normally does, it may mean that the pump is failing. You may not be able to see the water moving in and out of the pool’s ports. If you notice that the pool isn’t getting clean or that the chemicals that you are adding don’t seem to be effective, these can also be signs of a problem with the pool pump.

The pump circulates the water through the pool. If the water isn’t circulating, then the filtration system can’t clean the water. The chemicals won’t be properly absorbed, either, because the water is standing still rather than circulating the chemicals. If your pump isn’t working properly, it doesn’t matter how much you try to clean the pool or how many chemicals you add; your pool will never get clean.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

If you are having these problems, it may be time to bite the bullet and buy a new energy-saving pool pump. There are lots of great options, including variable speed pumps. A variable speed pump will save you a great deal in electricity costs over older pump styles, making them well worth the investment.

They are also much quieter to run than older pumps. If you are having trouble with your pool pump, stop fighting it. Upgrade to a new pool pump, and you will find that pool maintenance is much simpler and utility costs are much lower.

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