Why choose an energy efficient variable speed pool pump?

  • Single speed pool pumps currently take close to 2.2kw per hour energy usage which generally averages $0.25 per hour to run your standard pool pump
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump take on average 0.8kw, which means running at $0.10 per hour saves the average homeowner close to $450 per year on their electric bill!*(based on 8 hour per day run time)
  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps are completely programmable and integrate with all kinds of automation devices such as Zodiac iAqualink or Pentair EasyTouch.
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump are also the quietest pumps on the market which means when you are outside enjoying your pool, you will no longer hear that grinding noise while your waterfall is running.

Get Your Energy Saver Pump

Do the Energy Companies give rebates for these energy efficient pumps?

  • Yes! Currently, APS and SRP both give rebates up to $150 off the sale of an energy star rated variable speed pump
  • We handle all the rebates for you! We take it right off the bill upfront so you don’t have to fill out the paperwork and wait for that check to come in the mail
  • Emerald Pools is a qualified and certified APS and SRP variable speed pump calibration expert. Which means, we are trusted by them to perform the calibration on their behalf.
  • All that is required to get the rebate is
    • Make sure this is your first and only upgrade to a variable speed pump
    • Show us a copy of your APS bill
    • Show us a copy of your ID for verification
    • Sign the proper rebate and calibration forms
    • And that’s it!

Pool Pumps we install:

Energy Star logo pool pump EcoStar Pool Pump
Jandy Pool Pump Intelliflo Pool Pump Jandy pool pump
  • Jandy VS-FHP2.0
  • Jandy VS-FHP1.0
  • Jandy JEP2.0
  • Jandy JEP2.0SVRS
  • Jandy JEP1.5
  • Pentair Intelliflo Pumps
  • Hayward EcoStar Pumps

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