Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

To ensure the best appearance and quality of your swimming pool, use the only true pebble surface: Pebble Technology. At Emerald Pools & Spas, we prefer the surface products that are PebbleTec and PebbleSheen. Nothing will look as natural and polished in your custom pool as using Pebble Technology. We pride ourselves on creating quality and custom swimming pools that exceed your expectations, and Pebble Technology is a key part in that process.


With over 25 years of experience in the pool industry, Pebble Technology combines advanced technology with innovative, quality materials. PebbleTec and PebbleSheen are durable, low maintenance finishes that personalize your pool experience and stand apart from pool liners or plastering. Have a specific water color or texture in mind for your pool? Pebble Technology allows you to customize your finish to match your dream pool. Emerald Pools and Spas prides ourselves on being an Elite Builder for Pebble Technology International. Contact us to find out how we can make your pool come to life with Pebble Technology!

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