Phoenix Pool Service and Repair

We Love the Smell of Chlorine in the Morning

Emerald Pool Supply, Service and Repair is a locally owned company that has operated in Arizona for over 10 years.  We have built a reputation on honest, reliable service.  We have seen every type of pool (in fact we have built most of them) and know what it takes to keep a pool looking great year round.  Our weekly pool service might be the best thing you ever did as a home owner.

As we know Phoenix is a great place to have a swimming pool.  In fact, during the summer months in Phoenix a swimming pool has become an essential element in our daily living.  Your pool serves as a visual center piece to your back yard as well as the favorite activity spot for your family.   While we can all appreciate the value a swimming pool can add to our Phoenix summers, swimming pools require a good deal of upkeep to ensure they stay clean and clear.

Many pool owners quickly realize that keeping a pool functioning all summer can require a good deal of work and money.  Most pool owners don't have the time to regularly check pool levels or know what to do when pool chemical levels are off.  You can easily spend the whole summer fighting to keep your pool clear, clean and swim-ready.  It is never fun to tell your kids they have to wait a week before they can swim because you had to do an algae treatment. 

Our Weekly Responsibilities Include:

  • Brush Pool with Advanced Brush

  • Net Pool Surface and Floor

  • Vacuum Pool when necessary

  • Empty Skimmer Baskets

  • Empty Leaf Trap Baskets

  • Empty Pump Baskets

  • Test Chemical Balance

  • Add Chlorine Shock

  • Adjust pH level with Muriatic Acid

  • Clarify pool when needed

  • Oxidize Water as needed

  • Test phosphates as needed

  • Inspect equipment for proper use

  • Lube O-rings as needed

Our Month Responsibilities Include:
  • Backwash Pool

  • Add filter media as needed

Bi-Annual Responsibilities
  • Cleaning of Filter (Cartridge & D.E.)*

* This service has an extra charge of $100

**any other repairs, parts, or specialty chemicals are an extra charge when installed or applied.

Let the professionals at Emerald Pools & Spas service your pool so you can spend more time enjoying it.  Emerald Pools and Spas is the premier Arizona pool service company.  Our experienced pool maintenance and repair staff will ensure that your pool stays healthy year-round. 

Emerald Pools and Spas services swimming pools in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding cities including:

Cave Creek

Desert Ridge
North Phoenix
Paradise Valley

Stetson Hills
Stetson Valley

Our standard pool cleaning service includes weekly cleaning of baskets, nets, and screens. We will measure your chemical levels and ensure they are at the proper levels.  If your pool and/or spa needs additional chemicals we will add them for you as part of our pool service package.  You will never have to buy basic chemicals again!!

Other Pool Services

Emerald Pools and Spas offers many other services:

  • Pool Cleaning Services

  • Pool Repair

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Pool Tile Cleaning

  • Acid Washing/Chlorine Bath

  • Remodeling Services

  • Replastering Services

  • DE/Cartridge Filter Cleaning

  • Sand Changes

  • Rebar/Pebble Patch

  • Grind/Sanding for Calcium Nodules

Installation and Repair of Equipment

We provide the installation and repair of the following equipment backed by a 3 year warranty on equipment and installation*

  • Pool Filters

  • Pumps and Motors

  • All Automatic Pool Cleaners (including Baracuda)

  • Timers

  • Heaters

  • All Salt Chlorinators

  • Plumbing Leaks

* Applies to the following equipment manufactures Jandy, Polaris, and Nature2.

Emerald Pools and Spas takes pride in the high level of service we provide our customers -- we provide you with a weekly report of pool cleaning services and proof of service.

As with everything we do we are Committed to Providing Excellence
If you're not happy with our service, let us know. We'll work to make it right.

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Tiled pools are beautiful, but along with your pool's tiles come the potential for mildew and buildup around the edge of the pool. Instead of letting "ring around the pool" get you down, follow these tips to keep your pool tiles looking great:

5 Tips How to Clean Pool Tile

  • Keep an eye on the chemical levels in your pool. You should be testing your chemicals regularly with a test kit. If you don't have, they'll watch your chemical levels and add more chemicals as needed. The reason chemical levels are so important when trying to keep your pool tiles clean is because if there isn't enough chlorine in your pool, algae can build up around the edges of it. Having too much chlorine in the water can give your tiles a bleached appearance because calcium will build up on them. If your tiles are colored, this problem is especially noticeable.

  • Read the label. When using any of the tile cleaning products available at your local pool supply store, make sure that you read the label. This is important not just for instructions on how to use the product, but also for safety purposes. Some of these products are so harsh that they make it unsafe for you to swim in the pool after they have been used. Some products may require you to stay out of the pool for hours or even days after you use them.

  • Always use safety cleaning products. If you have colored tiles, then check with a pool specialist about what type of cleaning products are safe to use. Many products used to clean pool tiles contain bleach or other ingredients that may change the color of your tiles. These products can also leave your tiles with a dull appearance, so it's always best to use products that other people in your area know and trust. Ask for recommendations about products at your local pool supply store.

  • Use a tile cleaner at least one time each season. Probably at the beginning of the pool season. When you do use a tile cleaner, you'll need to drain the pool so that the water isn't touching any of the tiles. Just spray the tile cleaner onto the tiles and let it sit for a minute or more. Then brush the tiles using a scrub brush until they are clean.

  • Pool brush. You won't necessarily need to use cleaning products every time you clean your pool tiles. Sometimes using a pool brush is sufficient enough to clean the tiles. Your pool is already filled with chlorinated water, so scrubbing the tiles can sometimes be effective enough.

Cleaning your pool tiles can be a bit difficult, especially when you have to drain the pool. So how to clean pool tile easier? You might consider having an expert take care of this step for you because it can be quite an arduous task. Many pool service companies will also take care of all of your pool needs, from regular cleaning to balancing the chemicals. This can be extremely helpful because taking care of a pool takes a lot of time and specialized knowledge.

Let the experts at Emerald Pools and Spas help you clean your pool tiles. They can help you find the right products to use or even take care of the cleaning for you. In addition to complete pool service, they also offer repair services, pool remodeling and construction, and everything you need to operate your pool. Call Emerald Pools and Spas today to find out more about how to clean pool tile.

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