What is Acid Washing?

When pools have been poorly maintained or have had stagnant water in the past, phosphates from algae, dirt, chlorine, and sediments from hard water can build up over time and become embedded in your pool’s finish. In this case, acid washing is often necessary. Acid washing effectively removes unsightly stains from sediment buildup and hard water in your pool’s finish. A thin layer of your pool’s plaster or PebbleTec is removed in the process to reveal your pool’s original pristine glow.

How Often Should I Acid Wash My Pool?

We recommend acid washing your pool just once every 3-5 years. Frequently acid washing your swimming pool will expedite the need to resurface.

sparkling clean swimming pool and deck

Do I Need an Acid Wash Pool Cleaning Service?

If your pool needs an acid wash, your first clue will be in its appearance. Murky or dark pool water is the most common sign your pool needs an acid wash. Also, check your calendar. If your pool has been sitting six months without maintenance, it could be a good indication of buildup. In that case, you may need an acid wash pool service.

Is Pool Acid Washing Safe?

Acid washing involves the use of chemicals, namely hydrochloric acid (also called muriatic acid) mixed with water. Hydrochloric acid has corrosive properties and could cause severe damage if inhaled or in contact with your skin, eyes, or internal organs. Because it is quite risky to work with, it’s best to contact professionals. They have the necessary safety equipment and acid wash pools of different types regularly.

Before & After Acid Wash Pool Service

Do not let your beautiful pool sit a mess. Let Emerald Pools & Spas take care of your next acid wash and return your pool to the backyard oasis it is for your family and friends! See before & after pictures of our acid washing below.

dark pool water before acid washing
Before Acid Washing
clean pool water after acid washing
After Acid Washing
buildup on bottom of pool before acid wash
Before Acid Washing
bottom of pool after acid washing with no buildup
After Acid Washing
Before Acid Washing
After Acid Washing

Professional Acid Washing Pool Service

When it comes to buildup and stains on the surface of your pool, you should be trusting professionals to polish or acid wash it. Swimming pool surfaces can fade, chip, and wear down over the years. You may even consider a pool remodel when it’s not necessary. 

Fortunately, Emerald Pools & Spas can assess the damage and will provide a plan of action. A consultation with our pool experts will typically include assessing your pool’s surface and evaluating any concerns about surface stains, buildup, or pool water before recommending an acid wash if needed.

Pool Acid Washing Process

Emerald Pools & Spas begins the process of acid washing by draining your swimming pool and prepping the surface for the acid wash. A mixture of acid and water is created and applied to the pool walls and floor. Emerald Pools will apply the mixture evenly over the pool surface to prevent streaking and imperfections. During this process, a chemical reaction occurs which removes a thin layer of the surface as well as a thin layer of buildup that has accumulated over the years. 

After the mixture is applied, it is then pumped out of the pool to ensure only clean water is filling your swimming pool. Once this stage is complete, we will begin a proper start-up by adding the necessary chemicals to ensure proper pool water chemistry. After the Acid Wash Pool Service,  we recommend waiting least 3 hours before using your swimming pool.

3 Reasons to Trust Emerald Pools & Spas to Acid Wash Your Pool:

Proper safety is our number 1 priority.

We use the highest grade equipment and use safety equipment to ensure there are no accidents on the job site.

We ensure your swimming pool is drained according to all state and city codes.

Our technicians are properly trained in the process to guarantee the acid wash is performed safely for you, the customer, as well as our technician.

Experience is key.

Emerald Pools has performed hundreds of acid washes over the years. Our experience shows in our quality of work.

A consult of your pool to let you know your options is our first option so you understand what you will be getting.

Our surface pros know how to make that pool look great again.

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FAQs About Pool Acid Washing

Can my pool be acid washed at any time of the year?

Due to cracking, we do not recommend acid washing a plaster pool when the temperature outside is above 80 degrees.  If you have a PebbleTec pool, we recommend that your acid wash can be performed at any time of the year as the surface is very strong. 

Does acid washing make my pool perfect again?

There are a lot of factors involved. Most of our acid washes make pools look new again. However, we have seen many instances where there can be a salt staining at the bottom of the pool which will prevent a pool from being acid washed. Our certified technicians will notify you in the event of a pool having difficulties being acid washed to perfection. 

Does an acid wash remove that white line around my tile?

NO, acid washing will not remove the calcium carbonate line around your pool tile. Arizona’s water is so hard that the line gets too thick and will need to be professionally cleaned with a tile blasting machine. Emerald Pools does offer this service. 

Can my pool be acid washed frequently?

The acid wash removes a thin layer of your surface. We only recommend getting your pool acid washed twice before having to resurface. 

How long does an acid wash take?

From start to finish, on average, 4 days from the time we drain the pool, acid wash, then start up with fresh chemicals. 

Can I watch Emerald Pools acid wash my pool?

Absolutely! From the inside of your house. Due to safety concerns from the vapors of the chemicals, we will ask you to watch from the comfort of the inside of your home. Our industry certified technicians will be gas-masked the entire time to make sure we are safe on our end!

How do I schedule my acid wash?

Please call our offices at 602-795-4466 and we would love to get your pool looking pretty again!

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