What is acid washing?

When pools have been poorly maintained or have had stagnant water in the past, phosphates from algae, dirt, chlorine, and sediments from hard water can build up over time and become embedded in your pool’s finish. In this case, acid washing is often necessary. Acid washing effectively removes unsightly stains from sediment buildup and hard water in your pool’s finish. A thin layer of your pool’s plaster or PebbleTec is removed in the process to reveal your pool’s original pristine glow.

We recommend acid washing your pool just once every 3-5 years, as frequently acid washing your swimming pool will expedite the need to resurface.

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Does my pool need an acid wash?

If your pool needs an acid wash, your first clue will be in its appearance. Murky or dark water is the most common sign your pool needs an acid wash. Also, check your calendar. If your pool has been sitting six months without maintenance, it could be a good indication of buildup – consequently, you may need an acid wash.

How safe is acid washing?

Acid washing involves the use of chemicals, namely hydrochloric acid (also called muriatic acid) mixed with water. Hydrochloric acid has corrosive properties and could cause severe damage should it be inhaled or come into contact with your skin, eyes, or internal organs. Because it is quite risky to work with, it’s best to contact professionals who have the necessary safety equipment and who acid wash for various types of pools regularly.

Do not let your beautiful pool sit a mess. Let Emerald Pools & Spas take care of your next acid wash to return your pool to the showstopping oasis it is for your family and friends!

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