Salt Water Pool System

Have you ever taken a vacation to California or any other state bordering the Pacific Ocean? If you have, then you have most likely dipped your toes into the ocean’s salty water. Did you notice how smooth and clear the water was? The water’s luxurious feeling on your skin is all thanks to the ocean’s salt.

Choosing A Chlorine Free Pool

Salt water swimming pools are a fantastic option for your at-home oasis for several reasons. There are both practical benefits and enjoyment factors of salt water pool, including:

  • Salt water pools has fewer chemicals and chlorine in the water, which prevent your pool from smelling like chlorine and irritating sensitive skin
  • Salt water pools does not require you to keep hazardous chemicals (like chlorine) on hand because salt water pools are chlorine free.
  • Salt water pools create naturally soft water, which makes lounging and relaxing in your backyard oasis feel like a spa day.

Salt Chlorine Generator: Pentair iChlor®

Here at Emerald Pools and Spas, we equip your salt water pool with Pentair’s iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator. This generator features smart technology allowing for effortless usage and quality results.

How Salt Water Pool System Work

Instead of using chlorine, the iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator uses salt to sanitize and produce crystal clear pool water. The salt used in the iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator provides a stream of salt chlorine that will maintain your pool’s integrity. The iChlor® Generator can also be used in conjunction with your pool automation system to easily adjust the sanitation levels and monitor the salt-chlorine levels in your pool.

Benefits of Salt Water Pool

There are many benefits to having a salt water pool instead of a chlorine pool.

Salt water pools are more cost-effective. Owning a salt-chlorine generator is an initial investment, but the following pool maintenance costs are significantly lower, saving you money. Instead of purchasing chemicals and other chlorines to clean your pool on a regular basis, the iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator only requires affordable salt to keep your oasis sparkling.
Salt water pools require less maintenance. Salt naturally produces its own chlorine. Instead of using harsh chemicals to keep your pool crystal clear, a salt water pool system keeps the water spotless for longer periods of time. Plus, the automation feature on the iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator allows pool owners to automatically set and adjust the sanitation levels for worry-free upkeep.
Salt water pools create softer water. Believe it or not, the chlorine levels of salt water are significantly lower than those of chemical chlorine. This allows your outdoor oasis to have softer water, which makes it feel like a spa day every time you lounge in your backyard pool.
Salt water pools are better for your health. Similarly to how salt water pools are softer, the salt also has less chlorine to make enjoying your pool easier. Harsh chlorines can cause skin irritations and itchy eyes. With salt water, you can say “goodbye” to any discomforts you experience when swimming in a typical chlorinated pool.

Salt Water Pool System Installation

There are many financial, ease of use, and health benefits associated with building a salt water pool. With iChlor®’s Salt Chlorine Generator, owning a salt water pool is an easy and worthwhile investment to keep your pool clean and your water soft and chlorine-free.

Emerald Pools and Spas’ team of professional and friendly experts will install the iChlor® salt water generator into your pool so you can start enjoying the benefits of salt water as soon as possible! Warm weather is here—it’s time to reap the benefits of a salt water pool. Contact us to learn more about pricing and see if a salt water pool is right for you!

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