Did you know salt water pool systems help reduce sensitivities to pool water and irritations such as dry skin or itchy eyes? They are great for children and a pet-friendly alternative way to sanitize your water as well!

Myths about pool salt systems

“I have a salt water pool, NOT a chlorine pool”
That is false, if you have a salt pool, you definitely have a chlorine pool. Salt systems sanitize your water by salt(sodium chloride) in you water being passed through a titanium cell. This process is called electrolysis. The salt is then turned into chlorine and that is the way that your pool is then sanitized. It is pretty much instant chlorine gas.

Looking for a Pool Service Plan?

“Salt pools are set it and forget it, no maintenance required”
This is also false. Actually, salt systems require more pool maintenance than a standard chlorine pool. Salt cells need to be cleaned about every 3-6 months. Salt cells are very sensitive when it comes to the chemistry of your pool water too. It requires a constant 7.5 pH for the best results in the sanitation process. Sometimes, in the winter when the temperature drops down to low, the cell shuts off automatically.

Pool Salt System

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