4 Pools That Will Transform Your Small Yard Into Paradise

A private aquatic oasis isn’t just reserved for Arizona homeowners with large backyards. With a little creativity and a lot of expertise, you, too, can enjoy an outdoor retreat worth taking a dip in.

Submerge into splendor and let Emerald Pools and Spas bring your dreamscape to life through our groundbreaking modeling techniques and knack for high-end luxury swimming pools.

Your Backyard Is Our Canvas

To us, every backyard is a canvas. When it comes to small pools, the biggest challenge is figuring out how they will fit in a backyard while maintaining a balance between luxury and functionality.

Luckily, we’re up for that challenge. From modernized spas to sleek pools, our team will walk you through the entire pool construction process from start to finish. We utilize 3D modeling to help create the perfect build while you get a first-hand look at how your new pool will fit seamlessly into your outdoor space. 

Through the use of design techniques like walls, steps, elevation, and inventive geometrical tactics, our team will tailor your pool to fit the needs of you and your outdoor space. 

4 Elegant Pool Styles for Small Backyards

At Emerald Pools and Spas, we treat your yard like a potter handles fine clay. Our team of expert pool builders offers the right amount of experience and innovative know-how necessary to create the oasis of your dreams—no matter the acreage. 

Below are our top four pool picks that will transform your small backyard into a luxurious retreat.

1. Square Pools and Spas

Square pools are small, elegant, and the perfect space savers for tight lots. While you won’t exactly be able to practice your breaststrokes, you’ll definitely have the ability to cool off with a beverage in hand on those blisteringly hot days. Add a waterfall or fountain for an extra touch of swank.

2. Conversation-Worthy Pools

Swimming pool with clear side and infinity edge

Imagine a classic mid-century conversation pit converted into a swimming area. With the use of strategic layering, our pool builders can bring your vision to life. Layering textures adds room for different seating arrangements around your pool to create a distinct, space-saving design.

3. Sleek & Narrow Pools

Swimming pool in modern backyard with furniture outside

Perhaps your backyard is longer than it is wide. If this is the case, our technicians can design a sleek and narrow jaw-dropping inground pool that complements the structure of your yard. Narrow pools provide a sleek, modern look to your backyard that will boost your mood and your property’s value.

4. The Classic Kidney Bean

Swimming pool in backyard

There’s nothing more iconic than the classic kidney bean pool. Also known as the traditional pool, kidney bean designs are often built for larger backyards and recreational areas—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be molded to fit smaller areas. 

Create Your Aquatic Oasis With Emerald Pools and Spas

No backyard is off-limits to the pool experts at Emerald Pools and Spas. With over twenty years of expertise elevating and transforming homes, you can count on us to deliver the unique swimming experience you’ve been wishing for. Have an idea? Let’s connect so you can take your first dip into paradise.

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