Can I Add a Built-in Spa to My Pool?

Yes! Learn everything you need to know about creating a sophisticated backyard ambiance with spa installation.

Does It Make Sense to Add a Spa to My Pool?

For all you homeowners who are in search of a way to accentuate your outdoor area, look no further than a custom spa. Attaching a hot tub to your existing pool is easier than you think! Depending on the design, details, and size of your desired spa, you and your family can enjoy endless hours of relaxation within weeks.

Let’s break down everything you need to consider when you add a built-in spa to your existing pool.

Types of Built-in Spa Designs

Raised Overflow Spa

When the water level of a built-in jacuzzi is higher than its walls, the water spills over the edges. This feature is different from an infinity edge because the overflow affects all sides. Additionally, the raised spa provides a floating spa illusion, which usually becomes a focal point of your aquatic space.

Attached Spa

Built level to yet outside of the pool, an attached spa can either complement or completely contrast your current pool’s design. It’s whatever shape or size that’s most conducive to your lifestyle. An extremely popular design option, attached spa installations are ideal for homeowners who have enough ground space for expansion.

Detached Spa

When your pool lacks enough space for addition or expansion, homeowners opt for a larger hot tub away from the original pool. Detached spas typically have matching design features and materials to help maintain cohesion throughout your outdoor space.

Integrated Spa

This spa design is unique because it’s built inside the pool. Although the shape and location of your existing pool’s utilities are a factor, an integrated spa can be constructed just about anywhere inside your pool.

Spillover Spa

An attached, raised jacuzzi creates a beautiful waterfall, or spillover, effect. Customize this visual appeal to depict a narrow or wide cascade or even a multi-funnel stream.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Spa Location

When you add a built-in spa to your existing pool, remember the following:

1. Privacy & Comfort

When choosing a location for your spa, consider comfort and privacy. This addition will likely be used by your entire family for decades. Ensure it’s a safe distance from fences, gates, and prying eyes.

2. Maintenance

An in-ground spa attached to your current pool is much easier to maintain than a detached spa or above-ground hot tub. With a built-in jacuzzi, you’ll have two entities within a single body of water simultaneously cleaned by the same filtration system.

3. Overall Design

It’s essential to have adequate support for your spa. While most homeowners have their built-in spa adjacent or inside of their existing pool, some choose a detached spa. Before you select a location for your spa, think about the overall design of your backyard and your complimentary water features.

New Spa Construction With Emerald Pools and Spas

Establish an outdoor experience to remember with sophisticated and unique spa installation from Emerald Pools and Spas. For over 20 years, our experienced team of professionals has constructed innovative, jaw-dropping pool and spa designs. If you love your existing built-in pool but want a relaxing escape to compliment your oasis, consider adding a built-in spa.

Your ideal outdoor escape is a click or call away. For more information on building a custom spa contact us online or speak with a representative today at (602) 795-4466.

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