Inground Hot Tub vs Above Ground Hot Tub: Which Is Better?

Benefits of In Ground vs. Above Ground Hot Tub

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day or finishing a busy day of work and relaxing in your at-home hot tub. The warm water and the pulsating jets are just two of the amazing features that are available in hot tubs. Do you wish that you had an oasis such as a hot tub to enjoy after your long and stressful days? The good news is that there are two different options when it comes to spas: inground hot tubs and above ground hot tubs. 

There are several pros and cons for both inground hot tubs and above ground hot tubs. Depending on what you are looking for in your new outdoor oasis, one may be a better fit for your lifestyle than the other. Whether you’re building a new pool or considering a backyard remodel, a new spa is a great feature to consider. Keep reading to see which type of spa is right for you!

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Pros & Cons: In Ground Hot Tub

An inground hot tub is very similar to an inground pool in the sense that it is built in the ground. In ground spas are often connected to an inground pool for a seamless oasis.

built in spa with rocks

Pros of Inground Spas

  • Includes built-in benches, lights, and spa jets
  • Variety of size and layout customization options
  • Blends in with current inground pools 

Cons of Inground Spas

  • Take a longer time to warm up
  • Less energy efficient
  • Not as many seating options 

Pros & Cons: Above Ground Spas

Above-ground spas are usually a good option for those who don’t currently have a pool and are looking for a cost-effective way to relax and enjoy the benefits that water spas offer.

Above ground hot tub

Pros of Above Ground Hot Tub Spas

  • Lower operating and purchasing costs
  • Ability to transport spa through relocation
  • Many seating options

Cons of Above Ground Hot Tub Spas

  • Does not blend into the landscape as well
  • Not as many sizes and shapes are available
  • Challenging to get in/out of for children and the elderly

3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hot Tub Spa

While there are both pros and cons of in ground and above ground spas, there are a few things that potential spa buyers should consider before making their purchase.


Do you have a large family? Are you looking to enjoy your spa with one other person or just yourself? Knowing how many people will be using your spa at a time will ensure that you make the right purchasing decision. As mentioned above, in ground spas have limited seating options, whereas above-ground spas offer more flexibility. Once you determine your spa capacity, you can make a better choice.


Aesthetics play a big role in determining if an inground spa or an above-ground spa is right for you. Because inground spas are usually connected to an inground pool, they often look better and blend into your home. Many custom pool designs incorporate a spa beautifully. However, if you’re not looking for a permanent spa, an above ground pool is a great choice as it can be transported if you move.


Like any big renovation, there is always an investment. Knowing and understanding your budget before making a purchase will ensure that you buy a spa that is affordable or you and your needs. An inground spa can cost anywhere from $15-20k, whereas above-ground spas usually cost an average of $4,000.

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