The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Designs Styles

Considering converting your boring backyard into an aquatic dreamscape? You’re not alone. Before you dive off the deep end, consider your swimming pool designs options. Similar to houses, pools are versatile in shape, function, and design. Get the most out of your swimming pool by ensuring it aligns with your lifestyle. 

Below, we’ll discuss popular swimming pools and trending spa designs. In no time, you’ll know exactly what swimming pool style is right for your family.  

Most Popular Pool Designs Styles

Traditional Pool 

Traditional pools typically opt for kidney bean-inspired designs. Most often used for recreational and entertainment purposes, traditional (kidney bean) pools make it easy to add a spa or water feature. They’re extremely accommodating, versatile and complimentary—which makes them one of the most popular options. 

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Lap Pool

Luxurious and modern. Those two words come to mind when we think about a classic lap pool. Designed to enhance the sleek design of its house, lap pools provide clean lines that scream sophistication and elegance. Long and narrow, these rectangular oases are a swimmer’s dream. Want a small area for shallow play? Just make your lap loop an L-pool, and your sleek pool has something for everyone. 

Freeform Pool

The newest pool breaking all the geometric rules is none other than a freeform swimming pool design. Backyard escapes with freeform pools align the poolscape to the entire outdoors. Maximize your swimming space with a natural-looking pool that meshes seamlessly with existing features. There are no rules with freeform pools. Your imagination (and backyard space) is the only limit.  

Emerald Pool and Spa specialized in designing a Luxury Freeform Pool to blend into the surrounding landscape.

Trendy Pool Styles and Features

Pulver-1Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are a jaw-dropping pool style that has only increased in popularity. Originally designed to highlight stunning scenery or views, this style gives the illusion of water spilling over the edge. 

Popular Add-On Features

  • Baja shelf
  • Spillover spa
  • Scuppers

Mediterranean Pools

Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, Mediterranean pools are stunning and dramatic. Stone decking and colorful ceramic tiles are commonly used to highlight dynamic shapes and features. 

Popular Add-On Features

  • Sconce
  • Deck Jets
  • Mist

pool with rocks water feature zuhlkeTropical Pools

Waterfalls, boulders, and lush palms are essential to creating the look and feel of a tropical pool. Enjoy everything the tropics have to offer while relaxing in the comforts of your own backyard. 

Popular Add-On Features

  • Mist
  • Sheer descent
  • Rain current


Popular Spa Styles


Raised Overflow Spa

A built-in spa with a water level higher than each of the walls creates a unique spillover effect. This overflow produces a floating jacuzzi visual illusion you and your guests will love. 

Integrated Spa

This eye-catching design is unique because the spa is located inside your swimming pool. This spa design is quite the conversation piece. Prepare to be the talk of your neighborhood with an integrated spa. 

Attached Spa

Built level to your pool, an attached spa typically mimics the design, color, and characteristics of your swimming pool designs. Easy to install, functional, and conducive to any lifestyle, attached spas are by far the most common style.

Design Your Aquatic Space With Emerald Pools and Spas

Don’t let design elements overwhelm you. If you’re interested in creating your perfect pool, contact our design team. With Emerald Pools and Spas, your dreams become reality. 

No detail is too small, no idea is too big. We’re luxury pool builders who enjoy pushing the boundaries of innovation, entertainment, and design. For over 20 years, we’ve designed and built high-end pools and spas that align with the lifestyle of Arizona homeowners, and we’ll do the same for you. 

Ready to dive in? Contact our qualified staff directly at (602) 795-4466 or submit a request online today.

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