One of the greatest mysteries of owning a pool has to do with balancing the chemicals. Many homeowners struggle with this because they feel like it should be complicated. After all, most people aren’t professional chemists, right? But the truth is that balancing your pool chemicals doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it is one of the most important things that you can do for your swimming pool. Here are four reasons balancing your pool is so important:

  1. Unbalanced pool chemicals can lead to skin irritations or eye problems. Any time you immerse your skin into any kind of chemicals, you have the potential for skin irritations. However, this concern isn’t a problem in pools with properly balanced chemicals. The entire point of using chemicals inside a pool is to keep it clean and to keep bacteria from taking over what is essentially a giant pool of standing water. Keeping bacteria and chemicals at the right balance is necessary if you don’t want to experience rashes or problems with your eyes
  2. An unbalanced pool can cause corrosion. Water must be balanced properly if you don’t want everything you put in your pool to corrode, including the pool ladder and everything else! Pool chemicals can be very strong, but so can the bacteria and other organisms they are designed to keep in check. Without the proper balance, one of these components will wreak havoc on anything you put in the pool.
  3. The equipment could be damaged if some pool chemicals are too high. The filter is a very expensive and essential part of your pool, so you want to do everything you can to protect it and keep it in good working order. Unbalanced pool water can cause you to have to replace these expensive pieces of equipment much earlier than you would have to otherwise, thus raising the costs associated with owning a pool.
  4. The water just won’t be appealing to swimmers. Probably the most common problem pool owners have is creating water that is simply sparkling clear and inviting. If the pH level of your pool is too high, then the water will be cloudy and uninviting.

There are numerous components that must be balanced in the pool water. The pH is probably the one component that is talked about the most, but you also have to be worried about alkalinitycalciumhardnessstabilizer, and chlorine. Every single one of these chemicals plays an important role in keeping everything balanced, and the fact that there are so many is what scares many pool owners.

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And then there are other components of chemical balancing, like shocking your pool. You may have heard the expression before, but what happens when you shock the pool is basically super chlorination. This is probably the fastest way to get bad bacteria in check quickly. Most experts recommend that you shock your pool about one time per week or more often during periods when there is a lot of bad weather. However, with extra attention and care, you may hardly even need to shock your pool.

Whenever you are trying to balance your pool chemicals, it is important that you know the size of your pool and its capacity. Also be sure to use a tester kit to keep track of where you are and when you need to add more chemicals. Let the experts at Emerald Pool and Spa take all of the guesswork out of balancing your pool and help make sure that yours is swimmable every time you want to take a dip.

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