Winterizing Tips for Pool Owners

Although living in a milder climate means that you enjoy a longer pool season, you still must take steps to prepare your pool for winter. It’s a good idea to close your pool for the winter so that when pool season does roll around again, you can begin to enjoy it much more quickly. Here’s a step by step winterizing pool tips to help you winterize your pool effectively:

  1. Clean the pool. The main reason to keep your pool closed during the winter is so that it doesn’t take very much effort to open it back up again in the spring. Make sure that all of the debris and dirt is out of the pool and clean the basket in the skimmer and the filter. If you have tiles, scrub them thoroughly, just as you would any other time you’re giving your pool a good cleaning.
  2. Pull out all of your pool accessories and toys. Give them a good cleaning and put your toys away in a place where they won’t get damaged. Colder temperatures can cause pool toys to become brittle, so storing them in a safe place will extend their lives.
  3. Add the proper amount of chemicals to the pool. Check with Emerald Pool Supply find out which chemicals and how much of them should be added. In most cases, algaecide and a super chlorinator will be the best choices. This will help keep algae from growing inside your pool. If the right amount and type of chemicals are not added when you close the pool for the winter, it will be green when you open it at the beginning of pool season. You may also want to consider adding some anti-freeze so that the water doesn’t freeze over the winter, which can cause damage to the walls and floor of your pool because freezing water expands.
  4. Put an air pillow on the top of the pool. This will keep the top of the winter cover up in the air so that the amount of debris that accumulates on the cover will be kept to a minimum. It also provides a bit of support for the winter cover, which could start to sag if too much debris collects on top of it.
  5. Put on the winter cover. Use water tubes to hold it down and secure it.

Ask us for Pool Repair and Maintenance

After your pool has been winterized, don’t forget to check on it from time to time. Check the pH of the water from time to time because you will likely need to add more chemicals at some point. Caring for your pool properly during the winter will ensure a quick startup when pool season comes around again.

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