As we start moving toward the fall and winter season, the temperatures start dropping. You may not be ready to close your pool just yet because there certainly are some warmer Arizona days. Nonetheless, you should start caring for your pool with the mindset that winter is just around the corner and it’s a good idea to close your pool for a few months. Here’s a step-by-step pool cleaning process to help you get your pool ready for the fall season.

Clean your pool thoroughly.

Remove all of the dust, leaves, and debris just as you always do. If these things are left in your pool for a long time, they could cause the growth of algae and bacteria inside your pool.

Shock your pool water as needed.

If you take the effort to keep the pool water in good shape even as the temperatures start to cool, it will be much easier to open your pool when it’s time to do so.

Cover your pool after you’re finished using it for the season.

Consider using a solar blanket. This will help keep debris out of the pool so that it’s easy to open the pool again when pool season rolls around.

How to Keep Your Pool Ready for Fall?

Keep an eye on the pH levels of the water and add chemicals as necessary.

This is important in warmer climates because there is the potential for algae and bacteria to grow in the water. Add chemicals and balance the pool water as needed even during cooler months.

Even in the warmer climates of Arizona, proper pool care for the cooler months is important. Pool owners in the southern states certainly enjoy a longer pool season, but if they don’t take care of their pools properly during colder weather, then it will be much more difficult to get the pool ready for swimming. Check out the troubleshooting guide here.

It’s also important to start thinking about preparations for pool season early. Check with Emerald Pool Supply about more tips about caring for your pool during all seasons. Owning a pool and maintaining it in warmer climates is a challenge because of how long pool season is. However, any pool owner can do it with a little bit of help and knowledge about what to do with their pool during the changing seasons.  It also makes a lot of financial since to start a monthly pool service to handle all of these issues for you.

Contact Emerald Pools and Spas for help getting your pool ready for the fall & winter season. We carry a complete line of pool supplies and offer a variety of pool services, including regular pool maintenance and repair servicespool remodeling, and pool construction. We have been in business for more than 15 years and have built a solid reputation on providing personalized service to pool owners in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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