Make Your Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges Last Longer

A swimming pool can be a great backyard feature for your home in the warmer months. Still, pool maintenance can be a costly and time consuming process. This is especially true when it seems like pool filter cartridges need to be replaced almost constantly. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure that your pool filter cartridges stay effective longer, saving you money and effort.

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  • Dirt. Do not allow an excessive amount of dirt or debris to build up on the cartridge.
  • Regularly clean the elements. Check the filter gauge pressure regularly. When it reaches a pressure of eight to ten pounds over the normal operating pressure, it is a good time to clean. The frequency of cleaning required can vary greatly between different pools. It can be affected by a number of factors including frequency and extent of pool use, chemical balance of the pool and the physical surroundings. Regularly checking the gauge will allow you an idea of the specific requirements for your pool.
  • Clean the element carefully. Always use a soft brush, as stiffer bristles can damage the media or pleated materials of the filter. You can use a water hose nozzle or attachment for example a water wand but never use a power washer. Power washers emit water at high pressure which can easily damage the cartridge by affecting the media or even making a hole which would render the cartridge useless. Don’t be tempted to use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean the element. This could damage the end caps or other areas of the cartridge. There are a number of spray cleaners which have been specially designed for cleaning filter cartridges; these should be used rather than any form of bleach or acid even if diluted.

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  • Water chemistry. Keep the water chemistry in the water properly maintained.
  • Pressure level. Don’t allow the pool filter pressure to rise more than eight to ten pounds above the normal level of operating pressure. If the pressure is starting to rise, it is a good indicator that a clean is due.
  • Keep spare cartridges. This allows you to alternate between the two sets. When a clean filter cartridge is needed, you can install the backup cartridges and allow yourself time to properly clean the cartridge, especially if a deep clean is needed.
  • Remove oils built up on the cartridge with an enzyme treatment. These specialist chemicals can break down grease, oils and any fungi before you clean the cartridge.
  • Use a filter saver or skimmer sock. These are made from a material of fine net which fits into the skimmer. This traps small particles of debris which would escape through the skimmer’s small holes and enter the cartridge. When the filter saver is full, you can empty, rinse and then reuse or discard it and replace it with a new one. Even if you are replacing the filter savers frequently, it is still far more inexpensive than repeatedly replacing your filter cartridge.
  • Keep the pool as clean as possible. This can be a little bit of a challenge at certain times of the year, especially if you have trees in your yard. Still, try to establish a cleaning routine or invest in some automated cleaning equipment to keep your pool clean. These can remove large or small particles from the water and from wall, floor and steps which would otherwise end up in the filter.

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If you are interested in learning more about making your swimming pool filter cartridges last longer or any other aspect of pool maintenance, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide guidance as to the best maintenance plan to suit the specific requirements of your swimming pool.

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