Top Pool Design Trends for 2023

Current Trends in Pool Design

Are you looking to upgrade your current outdoor oasis or start construction on a new pool? Just like clothing, there are pool design trends that will not only make your outdoor pool functional but also trendy. From zero entry pools to smart pool features, consider the following pool trends so you can enjoy lounging and relaxing in your new, updated backyard pool.

The top three current trends in pool design are zero-entry pools, infinity edge pools, and smart feature pools. These three pool designs are great if you are considering a pool remodel and want to create an eye-catching oasis. Keep reading to learn more about these three pool design trends and find out which inground pool designs may be right for you!

Zero Entry Pool

zero entry pool design

A zero entry pool—sometimes known as a beach entry pool—is an inground swimming pool that has a sloped entry. This entry gradually goes into your pool to create easy access to the water. Unlike run-of-the-mill pools, zero entry pools are easy to get into as there is no ledge or ladder that needs to be used. The slopes on zero entry pools cannot have a slope ratio greater than 1:7 (according to the International Pool and Spa Code) to ensure safe entry.

Benefits of Zero Entry Pools

A zero entry pool is great for a few reasons:

  • Attractive sloped design
  • Easy access to the pool for children and elderly swimmers
  • They give a “beach-like” feel to your custom pool 

Infinity Edge Pool

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Infinity edge swimming pools are a great option for pool owners who live near the ocean, live somewhere that offers beautiful scenery, or want their oasis to look never-ending. Infinity edges—also known as vanishing edge pools—are achieved by having the edge of the pool flow down to another level, making it look like a waterfall or a pool without a ledge. Infinity pools allow for owners to enjoy the scenery surrounding their oasis without obstruction. Plus, this design offers a modern and trendy look.

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Benefits of Infinity Edge Pools

Pool owners enjoy infinity edge pools for a few reasons:

  • The ability to enjoy the landscape without a pool ledge getting in the way
  • They make pool cleaning easier as the “vanishing” ledge pumps water from the main pool
  • The “catch” pool/”vanishing” ledge is usually a third of the size of the pool itself, allowing for another area to lounge in and enjoy the views

Smart Feature Pools

Smart feature pools—sometimes known as automation pools—are a great option for pool owners who are looking for a low maintenance option. Smart pools allow owners to control specific features of their oasis, such as cleaning, lighting, and water temperature. These smart feature options make it easy to own a pool without any fuss.

Benefits of Smart Feature Pools

Smart pool features are a great pool design trend option for a few reasons:

  • Ability to enjoy the outdoor oasis without any hassle
  • Easier pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Certain features can be controlled from your phone or another smart device

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Are you looking to upgrade your current outdoor pool or build a new pool with one of the above pool design trends? Emerald Pools and Spas is here to give you the pool of your dreams! Our professional team can help you decide which pool design trend is right for you. From there, we design and construct a customized trendy pool design for your home. 

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