Pool Service Checklist: Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Pool in Pristine Condition

When it comes to hiring a pool service, there are some things you should expect them to do. Most homeowners don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with all of the regular maintenance on their pools, so it simply makes sense to hire a service provider. However, it still helps to have a working knowledge of what needs to be done so that you know if your pool service provider is doing everything that needs to be done. Check out this Pool service checklist by Emerald Pools and Spas:

Pool Service Checklist: Keeps Your Pool in Pristine Condition

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  • Filter Pressure – The filter pressure should be checked every day, and if the water isn’t completely clear, the filter needs to be cleaned. Also the strainer basket should be emptied every day.
  • Chemical Levels – The chemical levels should be tested every day and adjusted accordingly.
  • Tile / Wall Condition – The tile and/or walls of the pool should be cleaned with a brush about once a week.
  • Concrete Walls – Concrete walls should be scrubbed weekly with a steel brush to loosen any algae that accumulate.
  • Liner – The liner should be examined regularly to make sure that there are not leaks or holes in it.
  • Water Level – The water levels should be checked about once a week or once every other week. More water should be added when the level gets too low.
  • Vacuum Your Pool – The pool should be vacuumed as needed. Whenever there is any debris at the bottom of the pool, it needs to be vacuumed up. Consider getting an automatic vacuum to help cut down on the human hours needed for this particular task.
  • Pool Deck – The pool deck should be sprayed and cleaned about once a week or once every other week, depending on how often it is used and what the weather has been like.
  • Filter Maintenance – Regular maintenance should also be performed on the filter, although the time and frequency of the maintenance depends on the type of filter it is. With cartridge filters, maintenance may include changing the filter whenever it begins to look dirty, but sand or diatomaceous earth filters should be flushed out regularly, especially if they suddenly don’t seem to be working as well as they did before.
  • Pool Water Analysis – The pool water should be professionally analyzed once a month. This analysis goes far beyond checking the chemical levels. The pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness of the pool should also be checked regularly by a professional.
  • Pool Equipment – When you get ready to close the pool for the season, be sure to pull out and empty all essential pieces of equipment, lower the water level below the skimmer level, and perform a thorough cleaning of all essential parts.

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As the owner of the pool, it is your responsibility to make sure that the pool filter runs about 10 to 12 hours per day. There is no need to keep it on all of the time, but it does need to run every day so that it will keep your pool as clean as possible.

You should also remember to keep the pool covered on days when you won’t be using it. This will help reduce the amount of water that evaporates while also keeping any airborne debris that happens to by flying through the air out of your pool. Use a solar cover to help warm up the pool while also protecting it.

If you don’t hire a pool service provider, how much time can you expect to put into your pool each week? The number of hours it typically takes will likely surprise you. Did you know that the average homeowner spends as much as eight hours a week taking care of their pool? Wouldn’t that time be better spent lounging in the pool and enjoying it? Emerald Pool and Spa is a trusted North Phoenix pool service; their experts will make sure that your pool is always clean and operating as efficiently as possible.

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