7 Tips To Find A Good Pool Service and Repair Company

When you have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, especially in Arizona, you give your family the gift of a year-round vacation. Pools are a source of relaxation and enjoyment that will bring pleasure to you and your family for years to come. However, building a swimming pool at your home is also a big investment. Check out these tips on how to find pool service company near your area!

Choosing A Pool Maintenance Company


When you choose to have a pool put in, you should also consider finding a high-quality pool service company to care for your pool. Maintaining your pool with thorough cleaning, regular service, and repairs will keep it running in great condition for many years, and you’ll get more benefit from your investment. Here are some guidelines on how to choose a pool service and repair company from Scottsdale’s pool care experts at Emerald. No matter where you live, these tips are helpful for any swimming pool owner!

Call Pool Experts

1. Choose a local pool service and repair that has a great reputation and is reliable.

If you don’t know which pool service near you has a good reputation, ask your friends or neighbors who they use. They will be able to share with you information about their own experience with a nearby pool service. Based on their advice, you can decide whether the pool service you are considering provides the kind of service that you are looking for.

2. Make sure that the pool service you are hiring is licensed and registered with the Better Business Bureau. 

Anybody can show up in your backyard claiming to be the pool guy. You need a legitimate pool service business to care for your swimming pool, not somebody you found on Craigslist or an ad on a telephone pole.

Dial the Number!!

3. Check to make sure that the pool service you are considering carries liability insurance. 

If an accident were to happen, you need to know that both you and the pool service are protected by insurance.

4. Ask whether the pool service trains and educates its employees on pool safety.

You certainly don’t want the pool service employee to be injured while caring for your pool, and you also don’t want a member of your family to be injured due to the negligence of the pool service.

5. Are the employees required to wear uniforms and identification?

It can be quite disturbing to find a stranger in your yard. Without a uniform and identification, you don’t know who the guy in your backyard is. A uniform lends an air of professionalism as well as providing identification.

6. Check online for more information.

Pool service companies often post testimonials from their customers on their websites. This can provide a wealth of information about the type of service that they provide. Also consult objective websites like Angie’s List. This can give you unbiased information and reviews from people who have used the service and have feedback to offer.

7. Don’t make your choice based on price alone.

As they say, you get what you pay for. While you can often get excellent pool service and maintenance at reasonable rates, you shouldn’t pick your pool service by simply choosing the lowest rate. A pool is an investment, and paying for quality service will earn a return on that investment.

If you are looking for Scottsdale pool service and repair, contact Emerald Pool and Spa at 602.795.4466. We provide pool service on a weekly basis, including all chemicals.

We also perform swimming pool repairs and install new equipment. Our experienced staff is committed to providing you with excellent service.

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