Tips for the Best Pool Service Year-round

In Tramonto and other parts of the Phoenix area, pool service is a year-round necessity for anyone who owns a pool. There is a certain amount of mystery associated with owning a pool because you do need the perfect balance of chemicals and water in order to get a sparkling pool everyone wants to swim in. And since the majority of the year is pool season in Arizona, the pressure to have a perfectly balanced pool is even greater. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your pool in great shape.

Hire a professional to keep your pool operating wonderfully

Aside from just trying to keep the chemicals in balance, there are other stories you should be concerned about. Like the news story from 2009, in which a woman supposedly caused a small explosion when she decided to mix shock with chlorine before adding them to the pool. That sort of thing is certainly extreme. But anyone who doesn’t consider themselves to be a professional chemist might have some difficulty keeping the pool balanced.

Hire a Pool Service Expert

Make sure that you know what you’re getting for your money

It’s important to know exactly what your money buys when selecting a pool company to take care of our pool. Often the chemicals are included in the price, but other services like adding or removing water from the pool are not included. Always look for a company that will keep you in the loop with what’s going on with your pool. If you need to be the one to add water to the pool, be sure that you have a company that will tell you when to do this. Otherwise, just look for a company that will handle this issue for you.

Opt for an established pool business that has been around for a long time

The pool industry can be a transient business for a few people who think they can make a quick buck and move on, but when you’ve got someone who has been established in the local industry for many years, you know that you have someone you can trust.

Be sure to make the pool available to your selected pool service provider when necessary

It’s best to find a company that will work around your schedule and provides service when you need it. A great pool service company will operate unobtrusively in the background. They make your pool work perfectly without getting in the way of your gatherings. However, part of this also lies on your shoulders. Make sure to keep the gate unlocked so that the pool worker has access to it, and bring the dogs indoors when you know that it’s time for the pool serviceman to stop by.

Make sure you’ve got a professional who knows how to care for your specific type of pool

Doing some things too often and other things not often enough provide just a handful of ways things can go wrong with your pool. Just make sure that the service provider you select has experience not just in the pool industry, but also working for with the type of filter and system that you have.

The experts at Emerald Pool and Spa will take care of all your pool service needs in Tramonto. Their service providers have years of experience dealing with all of the most popular filters and systems, so you can rest assured that your pool is in good hands. They will even help you with pool remodeling and repairs for those days when something more than just proper maintenance is needed.


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