Maintaining a pool can be very expensive, and when you add the cost of pool repairs onto the regular cost of basic maintenance the costs can get even higher.  While we highly recommend our pool service to help maintain your maintenance costs, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your equipment. Here are six things every pool owner should do, in order to keep things running properly and avoid costly pool repairs.

Keep the skimmer basket and inline basket clear

The number one thing pool owners forget to do is empty out the skimmer and inline basket.  This is even more necessary during summer monsoons or late fall when the skimmer can get clogged with leaves. When these two items get clogged, your equipment if forced to work harder to circulate the water in your pool.  The harder your pumps work the less life they have. The best thing about this one is that it is so easy that anyone can do it, and it only takes a few minutes.

Run the pump for about an hour for every 10 degrees outside

Swimming Pool Pump

This is a good rule of thumb for every pool owner to understand because it does help to keep the water circulating properly. This will cut down on the need for some chemical adjustments because you’ll be regulating the flow naturally. If the water isn’t circulating properly, then you are much more likely to need pool repairs.

Save More on Your Pool Maintenance

Don’t backwash the sand filter too often

The best way to ensure the proper back-wash schedule is by having the professionals at Emerald Pool Supply do this for you.  We back-wash as part of our monthly pool service programs.

Check your total dissolved solids on a regular schedule

Total dissolved solids need to be checked every 6 months.  You can bring your water into Emerald Pool Supply and we will check this for free and give you a plan if adjustments are needed.  We also provide this as part of our monthly pool service.

Don’t let the pH in your pool get over 8.0

High pH can create issues with pool tile and other inline systems.

Check your chemicals year-round

In our hot Arizona climate, it is necessary to keep a closer eye on your pool water, even during the winter months when it may not necessarily be quite warm enough to get in the pool. A good rule of thumb for pool owners in Phoenix is to check the chemical levels two times a week during the summer months and just once a week during the winter.

We understand that many pool owners enjoy caring for their pool. But, for many pool care is a large burden and ends up costing them a great deal of money and time. This is why we also offer our pool maintenance packages that eliminate the pool care burden. Contact one of our experienced professionals to see how our pool services can save you money and ensure a clean pool year-round.


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