Hitting the Pool Supply Store for the First Time

What Pool Supplies Are Necessary?

So you’ve just purchased a new swimming pool and now it’s time to hit the pool supply store for the first time. Owning a pool comes with great responsibility, but the rewards inherent in owning a pool are simply tremendous. With a little bit of education, you’ll hardly even notice the responsibility! Here’s a basic checklist of the things you should buy at the pool supply store so that you have them on hand when they are needed:

  1. Chlorine – Probably the most basic pool chemical every pool owner needs is chlorine. This is the stuff that will keep your pool sparkling clean—as long as you use the right amounts at the right times. Check with a swimming pool expert for an explanation on how much chlorine you will need to use on a regular basis.
  2. Chemical test kit – In order to stay on top of the chemical levels in your pool, you will have to test them regularly to make sure that the pH level stays at optimum levels.
  3. Solar cover – Most swimming pools come with a regular cover that should be used when winterizing the pool, but often a solar cover is extra. No pool owner can afford to skip the solar cover because it will help keep the water warm, even when it isn’t necessarily the warmest day of the year.
  4. Filter cartridges – It is always a good idea to keep extra filters on hand. Be sure to check with the retailer you purchased your equipment from to find out what kind of filter cartridges you need to keep around.
  5. Other chemicals as suggested – There are numerous chemicals that are used to keep pools looking sparling, but different pools have different needs. You can shop for supplies at

Of course one of the most important things to take into consideration when visiting the pool supply store for the first time is the type of filter you have. Not all of them take cartridges, and each of the major filter types has certain advantages over the others.

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For example, a sand filter is very easy to clean. All you have to do is run it in reverse, and it flushes itself out. On the other hand, a diatomaceous earth filter probably provides the cleanest water out of all the available filters. Of course, cartridge filters are a much more economic option than either of these two choices, so it is no wonder most pool owners go with the standard cartridge filters.

Most stores that sell pool supplies also offer a variety of other pool services. For example, instead of purchasing chemicals, you may be better off hiring a professional to take care of your pool. Often the cost of chemicals is included in the price of the service, so it does turn out to be quite a good value. There are so many variables involved in keeping a pool looking great, and it’s nearly impossible for the average homeowner to keep up, especially when the pool season is as long as it is in Arizona. Visit Emerald Pools and Spas for more detail!

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