10 Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance

Why Does Pool Maintenance Matter?

If you don’t use your pool in the winter months, it can be easy to forget to maintain it. But keeping your pool properly maintained even when you’re not using it for months at a time is important. It can: 

  • Extend the life of your pool
  • Save you money on costly repairs once you’re ready to swim
  • Keep the water safe and clean
  • Enable you to enjoy your pool when you’re ready to use it again! 

Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Even in Phoenix and Scottsdale where the temperatures don’t drop too low, it’s good to keep your pool maintained throughout the winter. That way when the first hot day hits, you’re ready to jump right in where you left off last summer. 

Follow these guidelines to keep your pool in tip-top shape every winter. 

Use a Pool Cover

Use a Pool Cover

Having a pool cover that fits properly and is free of rips or tears helps prevent debris or animals, and even rainwater, from getting into your pool. Keeping your pool covered will help maintain balanced chemical levels. You’ll still want to ensure that the cover remains clean of debris. So when it’s time to uncover the pool, all the debris doesn’t fall in. 

Add a Mid-Winter Algaecide

You don’t want to uncover your pool in the spring just to discover green algae has grown over the past few months. You can prevent that from happening by adding a mid-winter algaecide to your pool. Let the pump run through your pool for at least 24 hours to ensure it has been fully incorporated into the water. 

Prevent Freezing

As temperatures drop, check your pool system. Pipes will be the first things affected by the cold. A good way to prevent freezing is to drain the water in the pool below the skimmer. You should also drain the filter, heater, and water pump. Any water in these expensive pieces can cause cracks, and freezing water in the pool can cause tile to crack as well.

Keep a Balanced Water Chemistry

Keep a Balanced Water Chemistry

Test the water balance every week. If any of these chemicals are out of standard range, it could cost you future repairs to your pool or equipment. The following chemicals should all be at the standard ranges listed below: 

  • pH = 7.2 to 7.4
  • Alkalinity = 80-150 parts/million (this depends on pool type)
  • Cyanuric Acid = 30-50 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness = 180 ppm or higher

Give a call to Pool Experts

Add Chemicals

Adding chemicals like enzymes and chlorine can also help keep your pool maintained. Enzymes break down any contaminants that may find their way under the pool cover, and chlorine can prevent a waterline ring from forming. 

Remove Accessories

Any pool accessories or equipment should be kept in a dry place away from sunlight that could cause it to crack. Especially in Arizona, where the sun continues to shine even in the winter, leaving anything in the pool can damage them.  

Clean the Pool

Dirt and pollen can still find their way under a pool cover. Have a routine to clean the pool once a week to skim, vacuum, and check on the following: 

  • Skimmer basket
  • Filter
  • Water level
  • Equipment 
  • Pool walls
  • Pool floors

Watch the Weather

Uncontrollable forces can impact your pool, too. Keep a watchful eye on the weather. Intense winds can bring unwanted debris into your yard. Rain can dilute water. Even freezing temperatures (rare as they may be in Phoenix and Scottsdale) can damage your pool. One tip is to set weather alerts on your phone, so freezing temperatures won’t catch you by surprise. You might need to re-balance the chemicals at some point over the winter due to the weather. 

Protect the Water

The water in your pool in the winter is the same water you’ll be swimming in next summer. You’re going to want to ensure it is safe and clean. By doing all the above, your water will be protected from any algae or debris that can be unsafe to swim in.

Open Early

Open Early

Opening your pool earlier gives algae and other bacteria less chance to grow. Make sure you’re ready for the upcoming swimming season by following the tips to keep your pool maintained over the winter. 


Pool Remodels with Emerald Pools and Spas

Follow our tips to ensure your pool will be crystal clear and clean for your first swim of the new year. If you’re looking for a fresh start next summer, Emerald Pools and Spas can help remodel your pool. We design custom remodels that transform your backyard into an oasis you can’t wait to dive into. 

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