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Pool Lighting in Arizona

Pool and Spa lights have come a long way from just the good old-fashioned 400w lights that we have been putting in for 30 years. Recent technology has changed the whole industry and now there are so many options for pool lights. If you’re considering remodeling your pool or inground spa, you’ll want to look into new lighting.

LED technology seems to be cornering the market with the energy savings that it has to offer. Not to mention the awesome color shows and sequences that go with them. Zodiac Pool Systems and other manufacturers offer many different styles and sizes of LED lights to go in your pool. All lights are retrofit capable and can replace old 400w lights, Spa size 4” lights, and new due to recent technology, even fiber optic pool lights.

Give a New Look to Your Pool

Incandescent lights for pools can be up to 500 watts. LED Pool Lights are around 40 watts on average. The electricity savings plus the life of the LED will save you a lot of money over time. Whether you just want to replace your old pool lights or you’re planning to build a brand new pool, look into these updated lighting options!

Replacing fiber optic pool lighting

Now that low voltage lighting is becoming more popular and mandatory in some states, it is becoming more affordable. Do you have an old fiber optic line that you can barely see at night? How about we put in a colorful LED light that will light up your entire pool and save you money when running the light! These lights are amazing and have many shows. We proudly install SAVI and low voltage lights to replace that old fiber optic pool light.

Replacing Pool Lights

Emerald Pools and Spas is here to take care of all your swimming pool needs in Phoenix and beyond. Our pool cleaning services will ensure a pristine pool year-round.


Light up Your Pool

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