What’s wrong with your swimming pool?

As a proud pool owner, it’s important to be aware of problems that could arise if you don’t take proper care of your outdoor oasis. We’ve compiled a list of 4 common issues that pool owners face so that you can know what to expect. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting swimming pool problems. 

Algae Growth 

A clean and healthy pool should always have clear or blue water. However, it’s common that pools can look musky, green, and quite frankly—unpleasant. If your pool has a green color, your pool may be infested with harmful algae, which is a common problem that pool owners face. 

Algae typically appear if chlorine levels are too low. If this issue is present, it’s an excellent idea to hire a professional pool maintenance company to get rid of the algae and increase the amount of chlorine in your pool to avoid having similar issues in the future. 

Too Much Chlorine

Alternatively, too much chlorine in your swimming pool can be just as harmful as algae. Excess amounts of chlorine can sensitize and irritate your eyes, making it difficult to see underwater and create uncomfortableness once you leave the pool as well. As a pool owner, you should know what chlorine levels your pool needs, as well as know how to measure the levels to ensure that they are consistent and safe. 

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Clogged Filters

If your pool filter is clogged, it can prevent your pool water from circulating. Pool filters become clogged when pools aren’t cleaned regularly; dirt, leaves, bugs, and more can clog you filter preventing it from doing its job effectively. 

If you notice that your pool has more debris than usual, the first thing you should check is your filter. If you find that your pool filter is clogged, simply clean it out and skim your pool. To prevent future build-up, be sure to check your pool filter regularly. 

Poor Circulation 

As we previously mentioned, poor circulation is often caused by clogged pool filters. However, there are other issues you should know about. If you find your pool isn’t circulating as it should but the filter appears to be clean, you may have another issue going on that you should investigate further. 

A potential issue that could be occurring is a blown fuse, electrical problem, or a hole in the airline. If your airline is leaking, your pool water will not circulate. If you think this could be the issue, be sure to contact a professional right away! 

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When To Contact A Professional 

Look, you’ve made a significant investment in your home by having a pool—you should do everything you can to ensure your pool is properly cared for. Along with regular pool maintenance, you should always have a professional take a look at your pool and its equipment if you believe there may be an issue that you aren’t seeing. 

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