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Energy Saving Pool Pumps

Jacob Fladhammer - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Energy Saving Pool PumpThe pool pump is the core of the entire swimming pool.  It provides the power to circulate the water and run the filtration system.  Without a pump, the swimming pool is useless.  On average, a pool pump lasts about eight years before it needs to be replaced.

There are several symptoms that signal that your pool pump is failing and may need to be replaced.  If the pump is not moving water like it normally does, it may mean that the pump is failing.  You may not be able to see the water moving in and out of the pool’s ports.  If you notice that the pool isn’t getting clean or that the chemicals that you are adding don’t seem to be effective, these can also be signs of a problem with the pool pump.

The pump circulates the water through the pool.  If the water isn’t circulating, then the filtration system can’t clean the water.  The chemicals won’t be properly absorbed, either, because the water is standing still rather than circulating the chemicals.  If your pump isn’t working properly, it doesn’t matter how much you try to clean the pool or how many chemicals you add; your pool will never get clean.

If you are having these problems, it may be time to bite the bullet and buy a new energy saving pool pump.  There are lots of great options, including variable speed pumps.  A variable speed pump will save you a great deal in electricity costs over older pump styles, making them well worth the investment.

They are also much quieter to run than older pumps.  If you are having trouble with your pool pump, stop fighting it.  Upgrade to a new pool pump, and you will find that pool maintenance is much simpler and utility costs are much lower.

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Pool and Spa Chemicals Supplier

Jacob Fladhammer - Thursday, October 02, 2014

SeaKlear Mighty PodsA home spa is the perfect way to relax after a long way.  Picture this: you spend a long day at the office, sitting at a desk and dealing with increasingly frustrating issues.  At the end of the day, you come home feeling exhausted.  You have a quick dinner, and then retreat into your own backyard.  You step into your spa, and slip into the warm, bubbly water.

One of the best things about a home spa is that the water always feels great, whether the temperature outside is 60 degrees or 90 degrees.  It soothes your tired, achy muscles, and leaves you feeling completely relaxed.

You just need to make sure that you keep your spa clean so that it is ready for you when you are ready to use it.  After spending all day at work looking forward to climbing into your spa, coming home to find that it is dirty and unusable is a major letdown.  Fortunately, this issue is not insurmountable.  You just need the right spa chemicals to keep your spa in tip-top shape.

ePoolSupplyAZ.com has everything that you need to keep your spa clean.  We have filter cleaner, cartridge cleaner, brominating tablets, shock oxidizer, clarifier, and more.

We even carry super easy to use pods for your spa.  SeaKlear Weekly Mighty Pods are incredibly convenient.  Just toss one pod into the hot tub each week.  The pods will clarify your water so that your hot tub looks great.

You don’t have to measure anything out or guess or worry about spills.  Just toss a pod into the hot tub, and you’re ready to go.  SeaKlear shock oxidizer is available in convenient pods, as well.  It couldn’t be easier to keep your hot tub clean with these pool and spa chemicals found at ePoolSupplyAZ.com

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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Jacob Fladhammer - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Variable Speed Pool PumpEvery swimming pool uses a pump to circulate the water through the pool.  These pumps run on electricity.  If your pump is older, it may be using much more electricity than is really necessary to keep the pool operating properly.  An old, outdated pool pump can eat up tons of electricity over the course of the summer, which can add up significantly in terms of utility bills.  Wouldn’t you rather use that money to buy some new pool floats or a case of beer instead of handing it over to the electricity company?

If your pool pump is eating up electricity, it’s time to make the switch to a variable speed pool pump.  A variable speed pool pump uses a permanent magnet motor, which is the same kind of motor that is used in electric cars.  This type of motor allows the pump to run at exactly the rate that it needs; no slower, no faster

When it comes to pool circulation, slower is better.  A variable speed pump runs at just the right speed while using minimal energy.  A slower rate of flow creates less friction, so the system runs more efficiently.

There are many benefits to using a variable speed pump.  Primarily, they are more efficient, which means that they save you money on your utility bill.  These savings can be significant – as much as $50 per month.  A variable speed pump is a whopping 90% more efficient than a single-speed pump.

An efficient and reliable pump is key for the operation of your swimming pool, too.  If your pump isn’t running and circulating the water properly, the chemicals won’t be distributed properly.

You’ll waste money on chemicals that are ineffective and end up with pool water that still isn’t clean.  Switch to a new variable speed pump, and you’ll have clean water and a lower utility bill.

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Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner

Jacob Fladhammer - Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zodiac MX-8Looking for an automatic pool cleaner that is compact, efficient, and doesn’t cost a fortune?  The Zodiac automatic pool cleaner is a great choice for you.

We get it – you don’t want to spend all summer vacuuming the pool.  You don’t have a fortune to spend on hiring a pool service, and you also don’t want to drop a huge bundle of cash on an automatic pool cleaner. 

You need a cost-effective compromise.  The Zodiac automatic pool cleaner is the perfect choice.  It’s a highly efficient suction cleaner.  It’s perfect for above-ground or in-ground pools.  It uses cyclonic vacuum technology, which allows it to pick up debris.  The X-drive navigation technology moves it around the floor and walls of the pool to clean all surfaces thoroughly. 

The Zodiac offers great maneuverability around your pool. It uses a flex power turbine, which means that it can operate at maximum torque while requiring only a low flow, so it doesn’t stress out your pool pump.  It also has a flow regulator valve, so it won’t use any more water than necessary.

The Zodiac pool cleaner unit is compact and lightweight, so it isn’t a burden to haul around.  It’s super easy to hook it up, set it in the pool, and let it get to work.

It’s a cost-effective option, too.  You can get a Zodiac MX6 for under $300.  It’s a high-quality cleaner.  In a few years, if a part malfunctions, don’t worry.  You don’t have to replace the entire unit.  You can get inexpensive replacement parts to fix the unit, and have it back to work again in no time.  If you want an effective tool that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, the Zodiac automatic pool cleaner is an excellent choice.

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Pool Filter Repair and Installation

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

How do I know if my filter needs to be repaired or replaced?

Well, the first thing to consider is, when was the last time your filter was cleaned or serviced? This should be done every 6 months on all cartridge and DE filters. Please refer to our filter cleaning page for more details

After that, we all know that Arizona is home to some of the hottest temperatures in the United States. With that said, most pool filters are constructed of fiberglass shells that can withstand pressure readings of 50psi. Our dry heat and sun beaten summers slowly break down fiberglass. Therefore, they are a large tank just waiting to split open and spray water everywhere.

We replace close to 20 tanks per year from cracking. The change from extreme hot to the abnormally cold winter we experience once every 5 years is very common for stretching and cracking these filters. 

At that time, it is a decision that you need to make:

  • How old are my cartridges, grids, or sand?
  • When was the last time they were replaced?
  • What does the quality of my water look like?
  • How efficient is my pump with my current filter?
  • Should I replace the entire thing?

The answer is mostly yes! Replace the whole thing! Like every piece of equipment out there. Technology changes everything. The technology driven into pool filters today surpasses anything from the past. These are now coming NSF Certified with warranties that manufacturers can proudly stand by.

Does it matter what kind of pool filter I get?

Yes it does!There are 3 different types of pool filters for your swimming pool:

  • Diatomaceous earth – 1 to 3 micron filtration

  • Cartridge filters – 15 micron filtration

  • Sand – 30 micro filtration

D.E. Filter Cartridge Filter Sand Filter

So now I know you are probably thinking what the heck is a micron?!? Well, a micron is one millionth of a meter. I know that is pretty small but lets put that into perspective of swimming pools:

D.E. Filters are the absolute best when it comes to water quality. They filter out 1 micron in size, which means bacteria 30 times smaller than the width of your hair, CANNOT pass through your pool filter! Pretty amazing huh? There is quite a bit of work that goes with this great filter though. The maximum square foot of surface area water can pass through is 72sqft of internal surface area. That means the flow will and can be restricted when the filter is dirty. The benefit, all you have to do is backwash once a month, and then clean out the filter once every 6 months. But remember, this one needs to be “charged” with Diatomaceous Earth Powder.

Emerald Pool Service and Repair recommends D.E. Filters for most Arizona pools.

Cartridge Filters have the second best filtration on the market. At a still strong 15-micron size, they do a substantially good job filtering out the unhealthy stuff that can land into your backyard oasis. Cartridges are a really good set it and forget it (for 6 months) filter. There is no backwashing necessary. However, they do require a 6 months filter cleaning. This is the highest rated filter for teamwork with variable speed pumps due to the massive amount of square footage the filtration area has. They can go up to as large as 700sqft in residential equipment.

Sand Filters are the lowest rated filtration quality filter that is made. They do not required to be cleaned at all. All you have to do is backwash every month, and that cleans out the entire gunk that the filter has collected during the past 30 days. Although, due to our high calcium levels in Arizona, it is highly recommended that the Sand be changed in sand filters every 5 years.

Does the size of the pool filter matter?

Yes, all filters should be sized to the size of your pool. Please contact an Emerald Pools representative to make sure which filter is recommended for your swimming pool.

We proudly install and warranty the following pool filters:

Jandy CL Series Cartridge Filters
Jandy DEV Series DE Filters
Jandy JS Series Sand Filters

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Gas and Electric Pool Heater Installation

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

Emerald Pools offers only the best when installing new Electrical Heat Pumps. We will handle everything on the install from installing a new electrical run from your panel to the pool equipment plumbing in a new Heat Pump. These heaters require quite a bit of electricity so please feel free to contact us for a consult to see if you have the required electricity at your pool equipment for a new Heat Pump.

I am looking to install a heater on my pool. What kind of heater should I have installed?

There are many questions that need to be addressed when installing a new pool heater.

  • Do you have natural gas at the residence?

  • Do you have a connection at the pool equipment already at the pool equipment for a gas line?

  • If not, how far of a run is it from the gas meter to the pool equipment?

  • Are electric solar panels present at the property?

  • How often do you plan on heating your pool/spa?

  • How large is your pool/spa?

After all those questions are answered.

Then you can choose which is the correct application for your house. There are 3 different types of pool heaters:

  • Natural Gas

  • Liquid Propane

  • Electric Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pump Application

Natural Gas Heater:

This heater is great when heating from cold to hot in the middle of the winter. It is also the most efficient when dealing with heat costs. Natural Gas is the preferred way to heat a swimming pool, or in-ground spa. There are many options for choosing a natural gas heater. The efficiency ratings of the heaters range anywhere from 82% to 97%, which means your pool is getting hot fast, and not for a lot of money. This heater, like all heaters will heat your pool faster and more efficiently with a variable speed pump. On average to heat a Spa with a natural gas heater, it will take around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the spa. You can only install a natural gas heater if you have a natural gas supply at your house, please refer to your local natural gas company for details. We strongly recommend 2 different natural gas heaters. The Jandy JXi and the Jandy Hi-E2.

Jandy Heat Pump for Pool

Liquid Propane Heater:

This heater runs, and operates the same as the natural gas heater. The only difference is that it runs off liquid propane. This option is valuable for homeowners who do not have the option of running natural gas to their residence. The only negative to having a liquid propane heater is the costs of filling up the propane tanks. This heater, like all heaters will heat your pool faster and more efficiently with a variable speed pump. The liquid propane gas heaters we recommend are the Jandy JXi and Jandy Hi-E2.

Electric Heat Pump

Heat pumps are highly recommended when your house has solar panels installed on the roof for energy savings. These units require quite a bit of electricity. This heater, like all heaters will heat your pool faster and more efficiently with a variable speed pump. A major benefit of certain models is that they can also cool the pool down as well as heat them. We all know pools can sometimes feel like bath water under this Arizona sun. So this is a great option to cool them down. They work just like an air conditioner where water passes through the coils and cools or heats up the water. The Jandy JE series heat pumps are recommended when choosing a heat pump option.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

There are many different types of pool cleaners available now. It seems that technology is consuming this market of the swimming pool industry and it is revolutionizing the ways we maintain our pools. 

Some cutting edge technologies are robotic cleaners. There are so many different ones now, but they consist of ones that run purely on solar technology to robots that have self-programming and filtration canisters that do the same thing as most standard pool filters.

The types of automatic pool cleaners out there are:

Suctions side pool cleaners like the Zodiac MX8 or Hayward Navigator

MX8 Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Pressure side pool cleaners like the Polaris 3900 Sport or Polaris 380

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner
Infloor systems: refer to our InFloor Cleaning Page

Caretaker In-Floor Head

Robotic Pool Cleaners: like the Polaris 9550 Sport or the Dolphin

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner

Solar Pool Cleaners: like the SolarBreeze pool cleaner

Solar Breeze Pool Cleaner

Our service and retail professionals are experts and highly trained when it comes to repairing all of these cleaners. We have extremely competitive prices on replacement parts and new pool cleaners. Most of our pool cleaners offer rebates up to $125!

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Swimming Pool Automation

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

Do you ever think to yourself that your are tired of walking over to you pool equipment late at night, turn valves, turn the heater on, turn the lights on and then hope you did everything correctly? Oh and then do it again to turn everything off when you are done using the pool? Well maybe it is time to put some automation on your swimming pool!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just press a button from your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device to do all of that stuff for you? Umm… YES!

Well that technology is here and it is called the iAqualink!


iAqualink allows you to control your pool/spa from anywhere. Using Zodiac’s free app for your smart phone or web-enabled device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you are on the go! It can control:

  • Pool, spa, and solar valves

  • Pool temperature

  • Spa temperature

  • Water falls

  • Spillovers

  • Laminar jets

  • Pool Cleaners

  • White and Color lights

  • Landscape lighting

  • Filter pumps

  • Booster pumps

  • Variable speed pumps (Zodiac and Pentair)

  • And much more!

If you have an old aqualink and are looking to upgrade to this new cutting edge version, it’s a very simple process. Please contact us for a HASSLE FREE quote.

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In Floor Pool Cleaning

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

In Floor Pool Cleaning

We at Emerald Pools believe that in floor cleaning is the best way to clean you pool. These can be extremely complex and we strongly recommend having our in floor specialist come out when needed a diagnostic on your in floor system.

DID YOU KNOW: The most common reason why in floor systems do not work is because a dirty filter is preventing flow going to them
DID YOU KNOW: The pop-up heads themselves are the least common problem when the in-floor system is not cleaning your pool. Crazy to think huh? But, there are so many different things that have to work properly in order to get the heads working correctly. Please give us a call and we can come out and diagnose your whole system to make sure everything is working correctly!

Unfortunately, you can only have in floor cleaning if your pool was built that way. Most people do not know there are 3 major different brands and types of in floor cleaning systems. The three are:

Caretaker 99: This was first created here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Then they became part of the major pool equipment manufacture, today known as, Zodiac Pool Systems.


Paramount: This was first created by Buzz Ghiz. He was the President of Paddock Pools and still currently runs operations at Paramount. More than likely, if you have a Paddock Pool, you have a Paramount in-floor system. 

A&A MFG: A&A is a Shasta Pools product. Shasta and other builders have been using them for many years. Their warehouse is still a part of Shasta’s building and like the other 2 infloor companies, they are an Arizona native.

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Spa and Pool Lights

Jacob Fladhammer - Monday, September 22, 2014

Pool Lighting in Arizona

Pool and Spa lights have come a long way from just the good old-fashioned 400w lights that we have been putting in for 30 years. Recent technology has changed the whole industry and now there are so many options for pool lights.

LED technology seems to be cornering the market with the energy savings that it has to offer. Not to mention the awesome color shows and sequences that go with them. Zodiac Pool Systems offer many different styles and sizes of LED lights to go in your pool. All lights are retro fit capable and can replace old 400w lights, Spa size 4” lights, and new due to recent technology, even fiber optic pool lights. 

Incandescent lights for pools can be up to 500 watts. LED Pool Lights are around 40 watts on average. The electricity savings plus the life of the LED will save you a lot of money over time.

Replacing fiber optic pool lighting:

Now that low voltage lighting is becoming more popular and mandatory in some states, it is becoming more affordable. Do you have an old fiber optic line that you can barely see at night? How about we put in a colorful LED light that will light up your entire pool and save you money when running the light! These lights are amazing and have many shows. We proudly install SAVI and Zodiac Low voltage lights to replace that old fiber optic pool light.

Replacing Pool Lights

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